Terra Dominatvs – Invitational WIP



Finally ready for laying down some primer!

From left to right –

Techno Barbarian from Terra, These guys were roaming on Terra around the time when Emperor of mankind emerged and started his plans for the unification of ancient Terra. Ferocious and cruel, armed with low tech weapons of destruction these men were constantly at war with each other. Despite the fact that they basically lived for war and destruction they were only interested in territorial dominance and were not looking for to seize the control over entire Terra. Over the previous Millennia their constant battles had rendered Terra into state of utter corruption and decay. The situation seemed hopeless until one Man rose above others to make the chance that ultimately led to the creation of the feared Thunder Warriors.

Proto Astartes, Thunder Warriors, these living weapons of war were the instrument that Emperor of mankind used to unify the ancient Terra. Gene-enchanced, bred only to wage war Thunder Warriors soon earned ferocious reputation on the battlefields. Not only they were stronger and more better equipped than they enemies but they were even more ruthless and cunning. The rival tribes on Terra never had a chance against the deadly determination of these Death Incarnates.

Imperial Councelor, Once Emperor begun his campaign for the unification, he soon needed official representatives to seize the control of the freshly conquered territories. Councilors made sure that the conquered people accepted the newly written Imperial law and did not revolt against their new masters. Before the great crusade and the great Heresy, when Emperor of mankind was still alive, open worshipping of him was strictly forbidden. later, after the Heresy it was these fanatic followers of him that started the whole cult of the Emperor of mankind. (if you look closely you can already see some hints that this was already happening when he was still alive)

So here they are in all of their B&W glory.

Really hope you enjoy them!



Have you ever seen this very rare breed of flower that only lives on Terra before?


I guess Im breaking the rules here, when I share you this one pic in full colour, with this miniature, I really felt that i should show you just how much work went on the armour alone=)


18 thoughts on “Terra Dominatvs – Invitational WIP

  1. Oh man. This stuff is awesome. I’ve been waiting to see someone do THAT to a blightking, and the counsellor is bang tidy.


  2. Yes, yes, yes. I’m jealous of your Thunder Warrior! The only thing that seems off to me is that the Thunder Warrior’s hands look a little small, but it could just be the angle.


    1. Ha! See there’s the catch;) by making the models hands and head (I always look for the smallest head options)
      Smaller, you can further emphasize the size of the body. Just study some of the 40k artworks and you see this all the time;)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Great work, I have been thinking about doing a little unification Project. What did you use as the base for the thunder warrior? Terminator?


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