She Who Thirsts – Invitational

From Jeff Vader of the brilliant Convertorum, comes today’s entry. At the same time a classic, old school even, yet very novel. And even a bonus 4th model.

Enjoy and happy Saturday!

Originally I had planned to do a trio of xenos for the invitational. I thought it would be fun inventing some new alien races that still felt part of the grimdark 40k universe. Β I also wanted to include a model based on the impressive – and at the time spanking new – skaven stormfiends.

It didn’t work out… The stormfiend looked too dark eldar-y, I couldn’t even come up with a good idea for the second xenos and the best model, the Hunter, broke while I was working on it. I gave up and felt I was out of the race.

But, then She Who Thirts intervened.
I had previously made a model for a competition on the ammubunker. A vile slaaneshii witch called the Diva. She needed some friends…

The focus shifted from xenos to Slaanesh and everything started falling in place. The huling stormfiend worked great as a slaaneshii brute and I had a half finished truescale chaos marine in mu bits box.
The release of the new harlequins added a solitaire to the mix as the perfect archenemy.

40 mm base: The Master

A particulary devious and scientifically minded Emperors Children renegade with a special interest in eldar soul technology. This former pupil if the notorius Fabius Bile has crossed paths with Inquisitor Carax on numerous occasions.

60mm base: The Gimp

This hulking brute is completely devoted to the Master. Rumoured to have been created by a dark fusion of haemonculii and daemonengine technology.

30mm base: The Nemesis

This eternally vigilant solitaire has hunted down The Great Enemy’s minions for over a thousand years. Now he has set his sights on the Master.

image7 image3-1image4image5image1-2



40 thoughts on “She Who Thirsts – Invitational

  1. Huzahhhh ……. Yet another individual style – honest, accomplished and also clean and bright …


  2. Oh, yes…I’ve been waiting for that marine to make an appearance. Really nice work. I can’t believe you had doubts about that brute – he’s quite nice.


    1. Glad you like him in colores!

      I never really had any doubts about the coolness of the brute – it was just that he didn’t work as a xenos. As a slaaneshii monster he’s perfect though. The other two stormfiends will probably be turned into mechanicvm cyborgs…


  3. This is so amazing ! I love the blue girl πŸ™‚ It’s amazing to see what you are ale to do withe your hands πŸ˜‰

    Wonderful work !


    1. Thanks Neil! The pink was really fun to paint! I’ve actually got an old RT era noise marine in my bits box – have to paint him up for this retuine even if he’s not truescale…


  4. Loved the Diva when she made her first appearance, the Marine is great, but the Gimp is astounding!
    Highlighting the black with blue brings a wonderful touch of colour to the darkness, and as always your use of spot colours make the whole trio blend and pop!
    Fantastic work!


    1. I think the black-blue is different on every model actually. I nailed it on the marine, but then I forgot how I did it…


  5. Fantastic! I really love the shade of pink. The bluish blacks, cyan, and that pink are such a great contrast to the realistic earthy bases.

    And the brute is just such a cool conversion. I came very close to buying a box of storm fiends yesterday thanks to you!


    1. Thanks buddy!

      The stormvermin are incredible models. A bit pricey at first glance, but as they are each the size of a dread you get a lot of well sculpted plastic for that money…


  6. You continue to impress me with your modelling and painting prowess! These models are fantastic. The paint job on the models is truly something special. The combination of colors is really different from the standard Slaanesh ones you typically see, however they are instantly recognizable as Slaanesh (impressive). I really love the reds you were able to achieve on the models too (I love the richness in color). If you don’t mind me asking, how did you go about painting the reds?

    Fantastic work as always. Keep up the great work!


    1. Thank you very much Adam. Glad you like them!

      The red is undercoated in a 50/50 mix of mephiston red and rhinox brown and washed with nuln oil. After that another coat of red/brown mix with some more red in it. Highlights with pure mephiston followed by edge highlights adding increasing amounts of bone to the red.

      At least I think that’s how I did it…


  7. I admit I was a bit sad when I heard you had decided against your xenos theme, but after seeing these models, it is hard to be upset. The Emperor’s Children marine is perfect, clearly a marine, but also much more. His distorted face and haunting claw really speak to the character’s perverse tastes. The choice of colors also accents the models without overdoing anything, which can happen on Slaanesh models.


    1. Thanks buddy!

      I think slaaneshii models benefit from being painted the same way you’d paint eldar – to make the minis look sophisticated and elegant. Like with dark eldar that only helps to enhace the sinister and decadent aspects…


  8. The Diva is still an all time favourite – brilliant.

    While the Marine is well executed in your trademark style (the colour choices and execution are superb), I still hold my reservations from when you originally posted images of it – it doesn’t scream Marine to me, but as discussed on earlier posts, I am too used to the common Marine silhouette from the 3rd ed plastics onwards.

    The bases across the minis, but mostly on Gimp are brilliant – subtle without distraction, but still well executed.


    1. Thanks Migs!

      I’m really quite happy with how they turned out. My only minor gripe would be that their poses are quite similar when they’re standing next to one another. Oh well…

      And thank you so much for inviting me to this fantastic event!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Lovely work as always, such original conversion ideas and I always like your very recognisable style of painting. There is something really creepy about the Master… maybe it is his withered arm.


  10. Vader at your best!

    What is really wonderful about this three/foursome is how they just ooze your personal style. Its difficult to say what it is, but something about the colourtones and the combination of them despite the addition of new ones (the pink with flames is old school and great). That is something one rarely sees and what characterises artistry. There is a bit of Nordiska VΓ€sen in the brute – especially the tones of his skin.

    A very good and very beautiful job.


  11. Still a magnificent work, love all !!
    Particullary the Diva and Master
    So please, can you tell me of what kit comes the Master’s head ? I don’t find it ..


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