The Madman’s Covenant – Invitational

I’ve been pretty tied up with the work related stuff, so sorry for taking so long before revealing today’s Invitational. I bet it the wait was worth it, as this time the spotlight hits Leadbelly‘s witty character surfing the skies with a living disc!

carcall warband2 warbandchaos

Time is a flat circle…

Inspired by a few key elements, the desert, the Ordo Chronos, True Detective, Om (band), psychedelia, time…

I have a strong interest in those who rebel. Be it today or the Imperium of Man in the 41st millenium, outsiders and those who stretch concepts to the extreme fascinate me.

The former Inquisitor Carcosa is one such character. An exploration of a mind stretched far beyond the possibilities of today. Imagine entering the Immaterium with your comrades and losing them forever, finding yourself isolated on a barren, warp tainted world. Subject to the whims of a malign entity seeking only to corrupt you. How long before you lose yourself? When time has no meaning how do you remain resolved? You are faced with a twisted version of your past, haunted by your failures, you betray yourself for survival, you lie to yourself to live… You become your enemy, and the daemon laughs. He who was hated now appears your saviour, the dogma of the Imperium seems so small, so limited in its perspective… You have changed… You know now, you have the secret truth, they were all wrong and only you are right, only you can see, you must show them their folly….

Much Madness is divinest Sense — to a discerning Eye — much Sense — the starkest Madness —

Ancient Terran Scribe

Reality has expanded and collapsed for Carcosa to the point where he has experienced millennia across multiple universes. He is nothing of the young, brash Inquisitor he once was. Totally transformed in body and spirit, recalling only fragments of his existence before his fall, he is a soul shattered between realms, existing between the fabric of reality, a leaf perched on the crescent of a tidal wave, a grain of sand that perceives the desert in its entirety, third eye pried open and facing exactly where his warp-bound master wants it to.

I wanted this warband to echo a lot of personal interests and tie up a few conceptual loose ends for me. The magnetic element actually started out from a gaming point of view, separating for movements, but I don’t think they’ll see many tables. I have long wanted to do something Tzeentch orientated as to me the Sorceror embodies a lot of artistic qualities and ideas that appeal to me in other areas of life, psychedelia, magic, cosmic drama, transformation, occultism etc. Being heavily influenced by bands like Sleep, Om, Electric Wizard, Tool etc and absorbing their associated artworks, I wanted to bring this kind of heavy desert mystic feel into a warband. I’m not sure how successful I was in that respect, I think they would have been better a few shades darker, but overall I am pretty satisfied with how they turned out.

Many thanks and much respect to the Iron Sleet Crew for hosting the Invitational, been a lot of fun and it is a real honor to have my work shown alongside such greats of the hobby.

– Leadbelly


12 thoughts on “The Madman’s Covenant – Invitational

  1. Tzeentch/Doom metal is a great connection, not one I’ve thought of before. I think I’ve said that I love these models elsewhere (especially the rust) but now I know your thinking behind it I like them a lot more.

    I have the same sort of tastes, Electric Wizard and Monster Magnet are my main inspirations for a recent project. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone discuss music as a direct influence before, at least, not in this way. In a similar vein I’ve been inspired by Thomas Ligotti (who was largely plagiarised by the writer of True Detective) and of course Lovecraft (which links back to Electric Wizard and Carcosa).

    I also think the cosmic surfer concept is quite Jack Kirby or Grant Morrison. Which again ties in to a 70s psychedelia vibe.

    I think some more sand-blasted weathering would cement the desert shaman concept, maybe ash pigments on the bases? Actually maybe don’t change anything, they look great as they are.


  2. These models are very evocative, the combination of a sort of retro sci-fi physical aesthetic and colour palette that seems very modern but also very antiquated at the same time. Works well with the subject matter!


  3. Seeing such intriguing themes explored so well is inspiring! It is exciting to see someone exploring one of the lesser Ordos, particularly with the sensibilities of bass-heavy doom metal bands like Sleep. The vivid paint scheme combined with the classic models really complement one another. Carcosa is fantastic, with his glowing, yet vacant eyes, and corroded armor. Stunning!


  4. Fantastic looking models all around and a strong theme to join them! Inquisitor Carcosa carries an incredibly sinister vibe to him. I love his piercing blue eyes and the weathered and pitted look of his armor. The Legion of the Damned bolt pistol works great too, the little familiar carrying it adding a creepy and subtly comical look to it. His flying disc looks awesome too. The arachnid features on the front are really unnerving.

    Great to hear about some of your inspirations too! I listened to a lot of metal while working on my Invitational entry. I feel recently, my inspiration comes mostly from the UK doom metal band Conan. 🙂


  5. This is just brilliant. One of my very favorites so far! The invitational has exceeded everyone’s expectations. Such an inspirational avalanche of interesting, novel and fitting work.


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