Vlka Fenryka ex Machina – Finished Kaerls and the Thrall pack is ready for primer.

“The dark tunnels that twist and wind through the mountain’s heart are prowled by numberless thralls and allies of the Space Wolves. These thralls may be man, wolf, machine, or horrible fusion of all three, but even though many are terrible to behold they are each noble of purpose”

Codex Space Wolves

Just scratching the surface here, but really enjoying the effortless, almost sketching like flow of these models. The entire force is benefitting from their character.

One aspect of this project that has worked really well is how fluidly I keep swapping between building and painting and several units at once. More crucial is to keep doing stuff than worry about ultimate self discipline about finishing one thing at a time – or making the mistake of building everything and then tanking with the massive painting task.

I really really want to get playing soon.
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13 thoughts on “Vlka Fenryka ex Machina – Finished Kaerls and the Thrall pack is ready for primer.

  1. Incredible looking models all around! You have done a fantastic job of blending together the Forge World and the new plastic Adeptus Mechanicus models. And even more astoundingly, you have done so while keeping in the style and character with the rest of your Sky Warriors. Remarkable!

    I love what you have done with the Iron Priest. The passage of time has been cruel on him, but he is strong as iron! I also really like the sniper you made with the new Skitarii plastics. Those scion legs work really well and really sell his pose! The addition of the scope really improves the look of the rifle too. πŸ™‚

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  2. Thank you Adam! I’m really happy to hear your feedback. It’s certainly a crazy diverse set of parts and models, and I think painting will further tie them together. I am going to try a new scheme for them. Either really distorted, earthy orange with light details, or milky white with crimson detail. To go with grey and metallics as usual. But big contrast to black of the other Kaerls.


  3. Your models just keep getting better! I love how you created such an odd assortment of characters, that are still strangely unified. The Iron Priest has taken his devotion to the Machine God further then is usually seen, and I think it makes for a much more interesting model.

    I particularly like what you have done with the Sicarian models. The little servo skull created from one of the drone heads and backpacks is delightful and otherworldly. My favorite, however, is the sicarian with the howling skull head. Although a rather simple conversion, you took full advantage of the amazing depth present in the base model, and removed any additional clutter. What is left is a skeletal-limbed assassin that looks more convincing then any current assassin models. The skull’s tortured scream really accents the horror of the model (and makes him look like a member of the Culexus temple). Excellent job, and I look forward to seeing them painted!

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  4. Excellently disturbing motley crew there! It is often difficult to find a good balance between a coherent unit and striking individuals, and I feel in this instance it is fitting to lean more heavily in the individualistic direction. So, well done!

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  5. Thank you Migs ! You made my day with these few lines from the codex. I was struggling with my “wolfen” concept but you freed me. I think what I like more about these minis is the originality you bring but also the coherence of the group. Each mini has its own personality yet but they still work as a group. I especially a fan of how you manage to capture the gothic medieval aspect of the space wolves that were eluding the GW mini. Because of you, after recovering in France, I flying back tomorrow with a SW kit and the last two mechanicus boxes (exchange rate is also killing me ;)) and a notebook with a few ideas. So, many thanks !Β‘! (Kittos ? right?) πŸ™‚

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