Temples of Death – Grace

There’s this moment when you have worked on something so hard and intensively that you can’t tell if its good or bad anymore=)

This assassin was a project that  took me completely by surprise. I started it as a simple conversion project but it got evolved into full-blown sculpting and I end up creating the character completely from scratch (well not completely, the bolt pistol in her hand is still GW part). Looking at these pictures here I see so many things that needs fixing but I am still little surprised how well it ended up… funny thing.

Design wise she’s a real mess, I mean yes, and it shows, let me tell you what I mean… Like I wrote earlier, at first, she was supposed to be female Assassin in the spirit of blanchitsu but once I sculpted her face I noticed that it had this “Yoshitaka Amano vibe” going on so I got inspired by the concept of Space Vampires in 40k and so a pair of fangs appeared;) During the process I also got inspired by some very strange Chinese ritual head dresses so I had to add some of that too.

Im afraid that not having clear concept in a first place might have made this miniature look little weird, she does not have that 40k look that I originally wanted her to have, although Im still very happy how she ended up (sculpting wise)

In the end of the day I realized that I can create miniature from scratch and because of that, Im so inspired right now to start a new project right away but I promise you one thing, the next sculpting project will start with some proper sketching on paper first;)






19 thoughts on “Temples of Death – Grace

  1. That is brillant mate. I’m extremly impressed. If you ever decide to restart the miniature boutique company you mentioned in the past you can count as a customer. If you are in down time Helsinki sometime let me know and I’ll buy you a beer.


  2. I think that is a great figure, and there is certainly room for it in the 40k universe.

    part of the disconnect you are experiencing may be due to the lack of skulls, hoses, pouches, purity seals and all the other details that take a historical costume and translate it into “Grim Dark Future”.

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  3. I have to respectfully disagree: I think this is pure 40k – certainly its essence if not, perhaps, its immediate aesthetic. I love her. Although I still think the fangs would look a little better as a double piercing 😉

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    1. Female models of any type are so rare in the 40k universe that it is so refreshing to see such an excellent rendition!!

      Lovely work!


  4. Gorgeous stuff! I think you’ve actually managed to sculpt a miniature which is so beautifully 40k and yet avoids all of the 40k clichés (which is probably why it doesn’t immediately scream 40k at first sight). There’s something more than a little Gigeresque about it too.


  5. Wonderful, fantastic, amazing… Just some of the words that spring to mind, usually preceded by another word beginning with ‘f’. Can you give us any hints on how you might paint her?


  6. It’s an amazing incredible sculpt – I love the hair, the posing, the clothing – and so perfectly executed. No, it doesn’t immediately say 40K, but it probably only needs some very small additions to make it fit the 40K universe. She reminds me of an ‘upper hiver’, you know from one of the noble houses… what’s her name, Mad Donna Ulanti.


  7. Awesome! I like it that it’s not the stereotypical 40k image going on. Despite it being a huge universe, a lot of the imagery gets recycled, so the characters in it become quite repetitive or predictable. This is something new and fresh, yet would still fit. Perhaps from some distant planet that has it’s own cultural identity..?


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