WIP Wednesday

Here’s little something I have been working on lately. Do you guys remember this little indie game called Get The Girl Kill The Baddies written by Andy Hoare? I always thought it could be so awesome to sculpt miniatures for that game. So, many years later, inspired by Andy’s game I decided to put my skills to the test and create my first character for that game;)

She goes by the name Hyborrean Slayer Princess Inspired by Old Frank Frazzetta’s Conan artworks. Wanted to create a female character that would look sexy and threatening at the same time! Muscular yet graceful, barbaric yet sophisticated.

photo-2 copy 2

Lots of work to be done still;)

Hope you like her so far!


9 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday

  1. I don’t think the women are always weak in Frazettas work. Theres a lot of pictures with women kicking ass. “Dawn Attack” or Vampirella of course. And like in “Egyptian Queen” for example, his women have a sort of power which is beyond the physical.
    Cool miniature! Reminds me of that other girl you sculpted. Looks very tall.


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