Illuminati Aquila – The Retinue

Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under thy observation in life.

Marcus Aurelius (Ancient Terran)


This might turn into one of those, “I hope he shuts up” posts, so here be pretty pictures first. 

Building these was a lot of fun. Painting the sentinel has been very rewarding too. So much so that there was a sense of urgency to get these ready for painting. Painting the first two was 95% of the way not fun. It was a mixture of second guessing, despair, blind panic, taking a short brake, taking a long brake, but ultimately believing the end result would some how work. And it did. Final 5% was joyous, like signing a landmark piece a hundred times. The Boldness (which felt like stupidity) paid off.

What started us christmas decoration gone gothic, ended up two of the finest models I’ve ever built and painted that are so distinctly different and metallic that the pictures don’t do them any justice. I wanted to share what came on the way, because I don’t think many realize how scary and how liberating it can be to ditch what you know works and be a beginner over and over again. 99% of the Hobbiest perfect their craft, their signature and never look back. I guess my head is spinning constantly, curiously and rigorously trying to create new art.

On to the retinue. I want to share some random “design” notes.

  • to be an Inquisitor is lonely, isolated and hardest work in the universe
  • I didn’t want too many characters – the retinues can turn into motley crews that have their charm and team spirit, this time I wanted gothic grandeur and deep, stark loneliness and responsibility
  • so from the beginning I decided to amplify that by build machines. Inspired by that rogue trader in his all automaton/servitor ship from Einsenhorn
  • I wanted the machines to look like they were designed by the same magos and built by the same artisans, custom versions for Lord Pelagius
  • The Pulpit is a floating device of judgment, oration, imperial primer and burning death
  • Corporate Cornelius is a simple man and a great shot, built from two of my very favorite plastic kits, the Mechanicus Infantry and Empire Greatswords… with a Bretonnian head. In between the big ideas and complex conversions, I really really like this model. I hope I can get the paint job just right.
  • Witch hunter Demean (Tamer in High Gothic) is the “scale” piece of this retinue. I wanted to build something bad ass and just mix and match all the awesome plastic kits that have come out in to a heap stones set to murder the Heretic.
  • I felt like things needed a little final touch of gothic. Something weird and wrong as customary to all of the Trilogy, so the final thing I added was a floating “Scare Crow Servo Rag Doll” blood hound…

11 thoughts on “Illuminati Aquila – The Retinue

  1. Interesting crew. The Corprorate and Pulpit really sell it for me: the everyday workhorse of the Inquisition who helps keep evil at bay, and the mechano-gothic constructs built to aid him. Solid builds.

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    1. I have a tendency to work on many things parallel and then get stuff ready to share in a chunk. The real reason for the productivity was my cold and being home sick, and now the entire week off from work for Thanks giving. I’ve actually had hours instead of minutes to build and paint 🙂

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    1. It comes from my head, courtesy of a crazy number of different GW parts and plasticard. 🙂 The main volume of it, with the tv screen is from one of the Imperial Guard artillery vehicles I believe.

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  2. Oh, I really like these Migs, they look fantastic! Very brave of you to go back to being a beginner with your approach to painting them… when do we get to see them in glorious colour dude?

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  3. Very inspired use of bitz!
    The dark images are somewhat frustrating but I guess patience is required here. Getting a really big urge to finish my current projects so I can start on the next ones..


  4. I’ve been following this for a long time, but I’ve only just set myself up on here. I’d just like to say I really enjoy what you’re doing here, the whole trilogy has been hugely inspiring.

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