Sketching Astartes

Past few weeks I have been really absorbed into drawing instead of painting miniatures. Its pretty new thing to me but I feel it to be very liberating sensation. I will probably get back into doing miniatures soon but right now Im really into discovering the 40k universe with pencil and it feels GREAT!!!!

Here I have compiled three images to reveal how I do it. Im no expert so please don’t take this as tutorial or anything;) This is rather just me wanting to share my excitement=)


Thumbnail with pencil

I always start by doing these tiny thumbnail (4x4cm) images to get hang of the pose Im about to draw


Actual drawing is done with hb pencil.  This particular piece is A3 so much bigger than the original thumbnail:)



Photoshop, layers, adjustments;) Here I have added colours, splatters and whatever. many layers, many layers;)


(thanks to Neil Roberts for obvious inspiration for this drawing)


4 thoughts on “Sketching Astartes

  1. Looking good, much better than I would ever be able to. 2 points: I think either the knee is too thin or the lover part of the legplat around the ancle is too large/buff. The other is I think the breasplate looks a bit odd, cant really put my finger on it.


  2. ahem….
    nice sketch but wrong roman number. You wrote “14” instead of “16” imo…
    “XIV” is “X”=10 + “IV”=4 ;
    If you want to write “16” you should use “XVI” that means “X” + “VI”(=6).


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