The Pilgrym Table – Terra in 28mm

Happy M2.016

While working on Illuminati Aquila my mind wondered around the vastness and grandeur of Terra, trying to let the home world guide the creation of the characters.

Then we started talking about this Pilgrym madness and as a byproduct how incredible it would be to genuinely model the scale of Terra on a table. A few were skeptic, which only inspired me more. Others were instantly hooked, and in describing their projects and settings ended up creating a buffet of great ideas.

The table will have four distinct areas. I’ve made a quick sketch – just notes really, the end result should be way more integrated an interesting, this is sort of a crude floor plan only.

  1. The Chapel – presented by massive marble stairs up to it, covering most of the table
  2. the Botanicarium – inspired to create a gorgeous backdrop for what FPOA and Jakob are working on.
  3. the Bridge in to city – so photographic, golden walkway and photo studio inspired by John’s illustration and the piece of art of the same name in the rule book.
  4. The Underside – sinister darkness under the chapel stairs: catacombs, makeshift huts, illegal trade, and far worse.


And this brings me to the models – all of them interlinked to the terrain, some literally, some to get the perfect backdrop for the narrative. If you’ve read Abnett’s Pariah, the Warblind are a great reference of the kind of terrain & character synergy we want.

Apart from one major outsider NPC faction, all the models PDF, Thistle and I are working on are really in some ways part of the table. Dozens of Pilgrims, Priests, Mechanicus Botanists, Bridge Guard… Pilgrim Enforces!

This is one recent WIP, High Cardinal Philippus, the Ancient, one of the oldest living humans on Terra, and a huge influence in the Ministorum. Personally descending the stairs to greet a very special group of Pilgrims.

As for what to expect in addition to trying to capture John’s golden Terra, I’ve attached some of Chris Kuksi’s fantastic sculptures to give you some idea of what I am imagining in my head in terms of color and detail.


13 thoughts on “The Pilgrym Table – Terra in 28mm

  1. This is going to be so good. I love Kuksi’s work – his varied sense of scale in his sculptures are entrancing and off-putting at the same time, and I can only imagine that if you guys create a table with similar variances of scale and proportion, it would be both beautiful and disorienting to play on. Glorious.


  2. Wow, seeing the sketches for the table have really opened my eyes towards the scale you’re aiming for, this is going to be inpressive.
    The ancient looks like a vile man, is that a helbrute head?

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    1. Yes. I always saw the Eccleschiarcy as a pretty grim and oppressive lot. And want to provoke contrast between priestly robes and colors for the little group and really grim faces. Flagellant and Bretonnian dna 😉

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  3. I’m really interested to see what you folks do with the botanical garden. The terra imagery you have chosen are some of my favorites. The bespoke Victorian gardens are amazing and intricate, which I have no doubt you will do justice.

    Look forward to seeing more.


  4. Just out of curiosity (as I’ve been looking for a bit like that for ages), where did you happen to find the brazier atop the Cardinal’s staff?

    Thanks for the help!


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