The Pilgrym :: Cult Imperialis

A spiritu dominatus,

Domine, libra nos,

From the lighting and the tempest,

Our Emperor, deliver us.

From plague, temptation and war,

Our Emperor, deliver us,

From the scourge of the Kraken,

Our Emperor, deliver us.

From the blasphemy of the Fallen,

Our Emperor, deliver us,

From the begetting of daemons,

Our Emperor, deliver us,

From the curse of the mutant,

Our Emperor, deliver us,

A morte perpetua,

Domine, libra nos.

That thou wouldst bring them only death,

That thou shouldst spare none,

That thou shouldst pardon none

We beseech thee, destroy them.

(Battle Prayer of  Adepta Sororitas)


“In the early 32nd Millennium, in recognition of its unprecedented political power over the minds of Men, the Temple of the Savior Emperor was officially recognized by the High Lords of Terra as the state religion of the Imperium of Man. It also became an official Adepta of the Imperium’s government as the Adeptus Ministorum. A few centuries later, the Ecclesiarch Veneris II received a seat on the Senatorum Imperialis and joined the ranks of the High Lords of Terra, and after 300 years, this seat was made permanent. The power of the Ecclesiarchy continued to grow, increasing its hold over the minds and beliefs of the Imperial citizenry. Those who wouldn’t follow its teachings were declared unbelievers, ostracized, and on occasion even executed

The Adeptus Ministorum, more commonly known as the Ecclesiarchy, is the official state church of the Imperium of Man, which maintains and promotes the worship of the Emperor of Mankind as the one, true God of Humanity. It is a massive organisation that guides the worship of billions of people on numberless worlds and across great divides of distance, language, and culture. The core of the Ecclesiarchy’s spiritual and temporal power is the Cult Imperialis, also known variously as the Imperial Creed or Imperial Cult. The foundation of the Cult Imperialis is the belief in and worship of the Emperor as a divine being, the power of the Emperor to intercede in matters spiritual and temporal, the power of prayer to bring about a change in circumstances, and the divine right of Mankind to rule the stars. The Adeptus Ministorum also administers and spreads the Imperial Cult throughout the territory of the Imperium.”


Pontifex Maximus, High Cardinal Philippus “the Ancient” 

Bishoppe Restore

 The Guarde Curze (Pontifex Militia)

Witch Slayer, “The Candle of Truth”, Sire Ruddard Rex



(all work in progress)


20 thoughts on “The Pilgrym :: Cult Imperialis

  1. Awesome. Just awesome. Could you please make the pictures clickable so we can see bigger images? I’m the kind of fella, guessing there are other on here too, that like to either save the pics for inspiration or view bigger images to scrutinise every cut, modification and detail. Cheers

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      1. Wow all your work is magnificent. You don’t have a YouTube where you do tutorials by any chance do you? As a modeller and converter and painter I am always striving to get better. I’ve got a long way to go haha but over the last 12 months I have seen a noticeable difference in my “skills”. I feel I have slowly become better and more patient with lots of practice. That said I still think I lack a lot of know how. Your work is kind of the direction Id like to head in, along with some other bloggers work on here and other sites. Any advice or directions you can give would be much appreciated. Cheers


  2. The level of detail you’re managing to capture in this project is incredible. Not just the detailed miniatures, but also the flavour text and background. It’s just wonderful! You’re on fire mate and it’s not just brilliant to follow, it’s also inspiring.

    The chap with the coat is badass. Wonderfully posed. My favourite part though is that guy with the crazy hat and standard 🙂

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  3. the greek orthodox style priest with the bobble mitre is mi fave out of a stunning bunch – m semi retired and mi kids are grown up so i dont know where you manage to find time – this is a hobby that demands so much of it ….

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    1. an hour or two every night can create miracles. Back to work this week so it won’t be as productive, but close and with all of you getting fully engaged now it will be breath taking. I am posting your duo tonight!


    1. Yes, no short cuts allowed. I work on a ton of stuff together so they end up getting finished in droves. I also spent a few weeks building before any of this Pilgrym stuff was announced.

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  4. Manie manie dayes out of date, but the Lorde Hye Cardynalle is too importante a personage for me to ignore… his robes though voluminous are ragged and I imagine filthie… the armour-augmetic he wears another peeling relic, the augmetic shell, I wonder, perhaps has taken over all of the functions of his bodie… his arms are machinery, or braced by it (observe the second connection between staffe an arme to help him support it, his legs seem to be covered in a metal framework – I doubt power-armour, perhaps machinery supplies his long failed muscles so he, as his master does, depends on a relic-machine to prolong his lyfe far beyond his natural death. His skin, far more so than any other I have seen, is a mere flesh-maske pulled tight over so manie augmetics… it is something that I remark on so often but it is especiallie fitting that the prieste is so like his Godde, a rotting carcase held together by machinery… his face is utterly inhuman…deformed by the stretching, the forehead pitted, the nose gone, a mere snuffling skull-nose, the mouth lipless… a maske…

    Such a face mighte suggest an ascetic forcing an ageing corpse to labour yet more for the corpse-emperor, but it also could hide much worse elaborating on the maske-face = hypocrite, I suggested in the Cerrius Orre post that one of the duties of the Ordo Scriptorum was to conceal the failings and corruption of the highe clergie for the goode of the faithfulle, perhaps stretched and refashioned to hide rot and sores as well as age: ”this man and that man, in silk and brocade, preceded by singing choirboys and mitred clerics, is venal, lecherous, idle, corrupte… whom all revere, the foote that is kissed by so many is pocked with syphilitic sores sealed over and sterilised by the mechanicvm or covered by an embroidered slipper with an aquila in golde leafe… the inside stained with horrible fluids, pus and blood…. Yet he knowes also that this knowledge must be hidden for the goode of the faithfulle… the parade of reverence and glorie must continue for the emperor is god… ad maiorem dei gloriamme.”

    If he is meant to be a corrupt character an air of decadence could be created by a powdered face and rouged cheeks… an utterly incongruous piece of vanity… a necrotic face with a tint of white and pinke… this too must be hidden from the faithfulle under a maske of angelic innocence. His incensorial staff, as well as a signe of office and the prayers of the faithfulle, could hide the stench of formalin, septic fleshe and perhaps a reek of amasec…

    Far more to be said…


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