The Pilgrym – Botanist Uno PIP

For the Botanicarum. Some details to tweak but a quick shot at night and another in daylight. All of 30minutes to paint so far.

One of those simple quick models that I’ve ended up really liking.



30 thoughts on “The Pilgrym – Botanist Uno PIP

  1. This might just be something I’m not really thinking about as I type it, but this is my favourite model so far. I’m not even sure why but the simplicity and general peacefulness really works for me.

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      1. That’s going to look amazing if they’re all to this standard. I’ve only only just noticed the chlorophyll stains on his arms, a wonderful detail..


  2. Great! What I like is the contrast between the very ordinary coat he wears and the very fantastical and intimidating limbs and face. One starts to wonder if there’s any man left at all.

    I have no idea how you managed to paint that in 30 minutes, I struggle several evening with a face (granted this miniature doesn’t have one). Either way, you’ve clearly created a style of your own, very much apart from the ‘Eavy Metal paradigm. I think it’s actually closer to the style seen on the collectible figurines by Weta and Sideshow.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I think this one is all machine. Left with his buddies for thousands of years to maintain the now forbidden Botanicarum. He has picked up his dead masters jacket and boots and now leads the machines to care for the fauna like his master a millenia ago.


    1. Agree! Wonderful chap.

      It was once proposed that gardening and greenery help release stress and can make you a much more devoted pilgrim…if I remember correctly it was the great Terran botanist Olmestedde XVIth who first proposed plants and greenery as an important factor in a life of devotion and dedication. In the 38th Millennium I think. Knowledge which led to a great many alterations of many pilgrim routes in and around certain cathedrals…

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  3. “Do not step on the lawn mister” *the green lights turn to red* “I said; do. not. step. on. the. lawn. MISTER.”

    Brilliant model, Migs! So simple yet so much character.

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  4. Totally perfect! Such a simple and elegant conversion but so powerful. The subtle paintwork and naturalistic base give it a feeling very unlike most 40k models — reminds me more of the high-end of custom Japanese modeling.

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  5. I’m going through my BL archive and I run into this little tidbit from Cybernetica by Rob Sanders:

    “[…] Espartic Wall. Here, some of the most ancient and beautiful of Terran plants, shrubs and flowers had survived the ravages of time. Some had been preserved; others had been rediscovered on other worlds, and others still had been genetically engineered from fossil specimens. Beyond the shadows of long statue-lined aisles, courts displaying ancient relics and ornate gateways to grand halls and wards, the leaf-lined arboreta offered excellent concealment for any who desired not to be seen – or wished to be alone. The Carrion tried to resist the overlays, isolations and analyses of his cogitator systems and soak up the sounds, smells and artificial warmth of the environmental shielding: the buzz of large insects from the beginning of Terran history, the flutter of tiny birds with nectar-dipping beaks, and the sweetness of life on the air. ”

    I assume the Espartic Wall is part of the Imperial Palace, maybe in the region once known as Sparta?

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