Building your Pilgrimage by the dozen

First rule of Pilgrym is that Models and images come first – but here is a loose frame work for team building of the most special degree. Each league of extraordinary men, machine or alien shall consist of the following, split on different models as players see fit.

  • 12  wounds (eg. leader with 3W, bad boy with 2W and seven 1W characters)
  • 12 characteristic updates (eg. WS+1)
  • 12 special skills (Necromunda rule book and your imagination/negotiation with the GM)
  • 12 “specials” weapons, pieces of equipment, armor that isn’t standard (ie. Lasguns for everyone, but bolter or heavy costs you a point)
  • 1 free transport  (Yes! feel free to build your self a ride or a fly, arming them costs points like above)

Second rule of Pilgrym is that Story is King. The narrative is intimately interlinked with Game Play. Each team will get custom missions, but everyone is tasked at finding the Pilgrym. For their own devious ends. Be creative. It should be needles to say that character types excelling in finding things are encouraged. A Manhound, Bounty-hunter, Pheromone Drone… may be a vise investment. The more dystopian and creative you are, the more we will tip the odds at your favor.

Astartes and the Warp

Many of you will build powerful individuals and gofer quality over quantity. Some things are so powerful that they need frame work. For example, an Astartes would cost you 3-4 wounds, minimum 4 characteristic updates (WS, BS, I, A and Ld), Minimum 4 skills fitting the chapter, and power armor counts for 4 “specials. So essentially more or less half of your entire gang would be a single god warrior.

Courageous individuals may bring a psyker. Negotiate with your GMs for these incredibly rare and powerful beings we fully expect to cost a lot of your assets and feature in the campaign.

Third rule of Pilgrym is Ask and you shall receive. We love crazy ideas, so go for it and shoot me and PDH an email.

And to finish off, here is some inspiration from England where one epic group of models is getting ready. Thistle’s gang includes  some models from Max and Cedric that many of you will know, rebased for Pilgrym.




28 thoughts on “Building your Pilgrimage by the dozen

  1. I like this project so much, and it’s nice to be able to follow what’s going on so closely.
    You all so a sterling job to reinvigorate the rest of us to strive for more in our hobby!
    I like the simple system of wounds to balance things. Clever indeed.

    Now I am going to build a retinue for this, even though I’m not (sadly) going to be there.

    Thanks for letting join the hunt for the elusive pilgrym..

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  2. This project has me waiting in frantic anticipation for each installment. The excitement is just palpable.

    I’ve never really delved into what system you and your peers use when you meet for these games.

    So if I may ask, do you mainly use the Inq28 ruleset? Inquisitor? Is there a healthy mix of roleplay to tabletop play, or are the plotlines mainly managed through written narrative?

    Having played quite a bit of Fantasy Flight’s RPG system (Dark Heresy mainly) with my gaming friends, I’ve often wondered about using it for games like this.

    Forgive me for talking about the mechanical aspect of your inspirational creative endeavours, but my curiosity was piqued.

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  3. Sounds great, seems like a good way to balance it out (not that I have any idea, I don’t know how to play anything!) Thistles gang is a stunning compilation of different art styles, every character is so individual.

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  4. Hooray! Maybe I’ll combine this with my plans for the AmmoBunker’s, Ready Your Retinue challenge. You guys are building at a record pace here, so what’s your personal deadlines for the game and finishing your groups?

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    1. We are aiming for summer. We still have a bunch of slow ones to engage, but they have grand plans and I think the spring should be a pretty stunning celebration of this amazing hobby!

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  5. The system of dozens really looks like it might work very well. This is a good thing to bring up at this point as many of us are thinking (and maybe rethinking) of what sort of gang they will be building.

    Thistle’s gang looks stunning. The senses like touch and smell play great part in the way we create our conception of the world around us and those that we have to imaginate from the reference material. Therefor the presentation also matters and the old wooden box with an actual art work inside really helps to bring the atmosphere even closer.

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  6. It’s a Victorian brass bound gothic style box – eagles are gold plus ruby vet pins – 20 and 30 year – lavender bag courtesy of mi wife Lin so I have sweet smelling minis – some of these figures are not intended for the
    warband but are pilgrim NPC’s ………….

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    1. It is a beauty Thistle.

      Thought it was rice and wondered if it had anything to do with Lady Bethseba…But lavender! Pure decadence. Incredible to see that you have rebased that wonderful Swedish Tech Priest…


  7. Collecting a number of cool minis for mi pilgryms – need to rebase to create that sense of a coherent group …… I like rice as well ………


    1. Thistle, I just love the way you present your minis. The box, the artwork, everything about it oozes atmosphere and love for the worlds you’ve helped create. You’re a massive inspiration to me, as are the other Sleeters 🙂

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  8. I’m always in love with the miniatures on this site, but for once I’m really interested in the rules! I’ve never seen a system that seems to really emphasise modelling, imagination and story.

    Are you guys planning on compiling and releasing them at some point?

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    1. They are really just Necromunda rules tweaked to our ends. We are going to share them online for sure, but if we get around making a book about all of this, it won’t have a rules sections 🙂


      1. That’s awesome. And yeah, maybe release is a strong word – but suffice to say, I’d be really interested in seeing all the tweaks!

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  9. Wow I’d absolutely love to participate in something like this. I keep trying to get my local scene to try out Inquisimunda but people are incredibly boring and uncreative at the local shop. I’m basically the only converter in my area and its hard to stay motivated for the “same old same old” kind of 40k gameplay.

    Where are you guys located? Or is this project being run in some other way? If I wanted to make a warband for this myself would that be ok even if it turns out I can’t participate?

    Also as its set on Holy Terra I guess I shouldn’t make a Word Bearer’s themed force. I have a ton of resin Sisters of Battle (Not only do I sculpt my own models but I also do professional grade molding and casting.) which I’d love to use as the basis for a warband. What guidance would you give for including Soritas in this kind of campaign?


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  11. I know this might be a little bit late, but for my own gaming group I want to run something like this. Is there any good way to adapt this to 8th Edition?


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