The Pilgrym – The Black Ships are here

Johan of Convertorum enters the fray with plans to build a Black Ship retinue and introduce us to a new Ordo. Another absolutely gorgeous sketch to share.



27 thoughts on “The Pilgrym – The Black Ships are here

    1. There is one just like it in the Blood Warriors box, or you could perhaps shave of the crests from some skaven stormvermin helmets.


    2. Cheers Pete!

      It´s actually supposed to be the rune for The League of Blackships. Though of course that symbol is intimately connected with the Ordo Opscuros as the ships operation are their main focus.

      The shoulder pads will probably be nicked from the khorne blood boys or, for a something a bit slicker, made from wych masks.


  1. Opscuros seems to combine ‘optics’ (sight) and ‘obscure’ (secret), the order of Hidden Sight, or perhaps the order which keeps the psychic ‘sight’ secret…

    The sword is inscribed ‘Vigilus’, watchful — the black ships are ever watchful for psykers to bear to Holie Terra. The spiked objects hanging from his waist — are they some sort of psychic shackle? Warded irons that restrain a psyker from using his powers?

    The symbol is a fascinating combination of the Inquisition and the Astra Telepathica. I suspect the eye has a double meaning — the eye-symbol of the Astra Telepathica, symbolising the warp-‘sight’ and the vigilant eye of the Inquisition, always watchful for the least sign of psyker-witchcraft.

    I may be going too far, but the spiked ring could be interpreted as the prison of the Blackships with only an upward opening – up to the Golden Throne — the fate of the psykers and of their master is inextricably linked, whether as soul-bound servants or His mystical food.

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    1. Haha! You give this much more thought than I do, Patrick.

      But yes… some similar thoughts were rattling around my brain when I designed this – not nearly as well defined as your thorough interpretation though.

      The Black ships operate under the both the astra telepathica and the inquisition so I wanted to fuse the two organisations symbols. Shackles are a recurring motif in the ordo and the black ships iconography so that was added as well.

      Opscuros is just the latin word “opscurus”(dark) suitably misspelled to “high-gothify” it. I did choose to base the name on opscurus instead of obscurus, as the “op” vaguely hints at the expression “black ops”.

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  2. Looking suitable grim and impressive – it’s going to be interesting to see how this is realised as a model. And alongside all the cool Nurgley stuff that’s already going on over at the Convertorum – do you not sleep?!


  3. Awesome! Can’t to see your models.

    The blackships are such a wonderful and under-explored part of the setting, really great choice. And I love the manacle type shapes you’ve repeated throughout, particularly the helmet. The warden looks a bit locked up himself.

    The icon is great too, very much in keeping with the master Goodwin’s work. Even the lettering is nicely blanchean.


  4. Oh boy! What a teaser for what to come!
    Never thought of the “crew” of a Black Ship as an seperate order but it just works when i saw your picture!
    I love your drawings and still hope to have the pleasure of meeting you and say thanks in person! (and hopefulle to get my book autographed 😛 )

    Cant wait to see where this goes!


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