Chief Redactor Cerrius Orr

PDH finally hits Pilgrym in style! And WOW!
Expungetion Cultist Cerrius Orr – Chief Redactor of Inquisitor Inson, Ordo Scriptorum

Is it wrong to strip a Thistle mini?

A year or so ago I found a 90% painted Davanite Priest in JB’s bits box. The mini was stock but with the addition of the upper canister. JB wasn’t convinced by the model and lost his muse for it. So I grabbed it and decided to just jump in and strip it. Oh the sacrilege! I saw such potential in the pose and the additional canister but I didn’t like the head or weapon. So a quick head swap (plus a bionic eye and ear) and a couple of gorgeous hand flamers I present you with Expungetion Cultist Cerrius Orr – Chief Redactor of Inquisitor Inson, Ordo Scriptorum. I love this model because it feels like a truly joint venture with JB and that’s special. I’ve not fully formed Orr’s backstory but I like the idea Inquisitor Inson stopped Orr burning something valuable. Then recruited him because when investigating data vaults on Terra you never quite know what blasphemy has been locked away for ten thousand years.



23 thoughts on “Chief Redactor Cerrius Orr

  1. That’s a great figure. Really interesting proportional balances going on here with the offset tank on the top mirroring the forward leg at the bottom, and the flamers giving the whole figure weight, pulling it downwards.

    I know this is a modelling “collaboration” of sorts, and I’m sure you’ll knock it out of the park with the paint, but I’ve often thought I’d really love to see a Thistle mini pre-paint.


    1. I don’t think I’ve seen a pre-paint Thistle….or at least not for a while. Nope just checked in my Thistle folder and they are all painted.

      I’m so pleased with the pose. It was what drew me to the model in the bits box. I saw this finished mini as soon as I picked it up…though the bionic eye and ear were new ideas. Also glad FW released some ace hand flamers.


  2. ”Redaction” is the censoring or obscuring of a hereticalle or embarrassing texte… this figure fits so well in the terra of blanchean decay, records and data-stacks left to moulder for ten millennia save the occasionalle expedition — and who knows what they will finde? Or perhaps a new Highe Cardynalle Terran surreptitiously acknowledged and paid a pension to a bastard two hundred yeares ago as a mere prieste to prevent a scandal and the document exists somewhere… the bastard has been executed to hide his existence, but the papers remain… or worse… it must be forgotten for the goode of the faithfulle whose pietie would be rocked… ‘vergessen ist vergeben’, to forget is to forgive on holie terra…

    I imagine the adepti as filthy, wrapped in rags, cataracted eyes and grimy faces, the bionics crude and surrounded by painfully red flesh… (I’ve mentioned it before, but the faces in Thistle’s art, or begrimed and twisted Dickensianne factorie-hands and London guttersnipes (Dore’s London a Pilgrimage), or ‘trudno byt bogom’). Cerrius Orr has just such a face, the bionics obviously pain him, his face drawn in zeal, pain and hate.

    His fur collar (a recurring feature in terran dress I mentione often) is foul, greasy, filthy… a piece of splendour ,a signe of his rank as a servant of the Inquisition but utterly disgusting… I mention it so often because it is such a good example of the glorie and the decay, the stinking spectacles of the Imperium masked by incense… his robes are holed and ragged, his armour pocked with rust. Like Ulbus’ armour, plate armour was in mediaeval times a rare and prestigious thing, so I imagine this is an Inquisitorial relic, rusting for millennia, untouched from respect and now borne by another servant of the Inquisition. He’s covered in prayers and scrolles, wards and creeds to keepe him safe and reminde others of his holie mission.

    The ramshackle arrangement of tanks, too, suggests the groping darknesse of the Mechanicvm as more and more is loste, things are bodged together to supplie the losses… he seems to stoop under them, the weighte of being the livinge bearer of the Emperor’s wrathe to the hereticall or blasphemousgrimoire, the weighte of bearing the Emperor’s forgivenesse or truce to the records of the misdeeds of the greate…

    I wondered if the eye and ear actually serve to blind and deafen him so he does not know what it is he is burninge — just to pointe the flamers and pull the trigger. If, however, he has stolen a glance, he must stoop under his knowledge as well, if my interpretation as a burner of the embarrassments of the corrupte is valid as well… If he knows that this man and that man, in silk and brocade, preceded by singing choirboys and mitred clerics, is venal, lecherous, idle, corrupte… whom all revere, the foote that is kissed by so many is pocked with syphilitic sores sealed over and sterilised by the mechanicvm. Yet he knowes also that this knowledge must be hidden for the goode of the faithfulle… the parade of reverence and glorie must continue for the emperor is god… ad maiorem dei gloriamme.


    1. I nowe imagine the foote I mentioned in my speculation as covered by an embroidered slipper with an aquila in golde leafe… the inside stained with horrible fluids, pus and blood… forgive me for adding more detail to my own idea… more grandeur and decay.

      I thinke the decaying foote comes from an internet accounte of pope juliusse ii — I look forward immensely to seeing the final result.


      1. I’m just seeing Pontifex Maximus, High Cardinal Philippus “the Ancient” averting his eyes from the Ordo Scriptorum retinue for the secrets they know. Thanks for that lovely idea Patrick.

        I generally try to create my minis so they would fit into a Blanchian setting. This one had a bit of a head start.


      2. Thanke you — it is a pleasure. I fear the faults of the highe clergie will be even worse than fathering a single bastard… he will have many a good reason to avert his eyes…


  3. He is such a fantastic character! It seems so typical of the messed up state of the 41st millennium that the man in charge of burning and fire is himself covered in flammable seals and rags. Seriously good work.

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