Beasti Tracker and the Handler

I always imagined Pilgrym as a new type of collaboration between a group of fairly extraordinary artists. I imagined people around the world chiming in and creating stuff inspired by our adventures. I did not imagine the fireworks it has been. How everyone has been producing just incredible work, pushing out from their comfort zone and extending the imagery of these worlds we grew up with.

Here is one sample of the type of collaboration at the heart of this venture. Totally original and so very 40k Imperiumme.

The Beasti tracker and the Handler. Skillfully built by Alexander Lunde and painted by Master Thistle, Lord of Lenton.




13 thoughts on “Beasti Tracker and the Handler

  1. Some of you will have seen these over on the bunker as I did was very impressed at their crazy and original build – a quick conversation and deal was done and these have joined the pilgrym roads – a very monotone and fast paint job here but very effective ….. Thanks Alex …


  2. This is the kind of crazy build that got me back into modelling and seeking out the Inq corner of the Hammerverse.

    Well done to both Mssrs Alex and Thistle.


  3. Imaginative conversions and two grubby paintjobs, what’s not to love?
    I did wonder what was going on between you two, and it exceeds my expectations! Hopefully the two of you will do more collaborations in the future.


  4. What a wonderful collaboration! Both the build and paint jobs are fantastic. I love the large lens serving as an eye for the bipedal Handler. The Handler’s staff is also really impressive and a little unnerving. Could that possibly be the Handler’s own head on the staff? The grimy and oily paint job really adds to the inhuman and mildly disturbing character of the models (they really look like they walked out of the downtrodden underbelly of an Imperial hive or city).


  5. Gritty and raw! I love it!
    The base for the beasti is so cool, great subtle colours and with pockets of ‘ardcoat that catches the viewers eye.
    Stellar stuff from both of you guys!

    ps: does anyone have a link to Alexanders thread?


  6. Well, I am very happy to see these bad boys here! And I like to thank Thistle the beastpainter for the great and gritty paintwork and for the collaboration. It is an honour to be part of this project!

    And thanks to you all for the kind words and all of your own work. Soo many cool and exciting things pop up here all the time, it makes my hands itch for plastic and glue 🙂

    I hope to make more cool figs in the future and you know where to find me thistle if you fancy something more to paint..


  7. No problem chaps – I find it hard to colloberate actually but these conversions cried out for a corrosive from the bowels of the imperiumme rendering and to be a part of this project – great modelling Alex p – thanks …


    1. runne, runne nor yette looke backe,
      when the houndes of terra are on your tracke…

      genius from bothe menne…

      strange and twisted are they who dwelle in the bowells of the charnel-worlde… the winding rookeries and warrens of rotting stone, decaying vellum, peeling gilte and the filthe of ten-thousande yeares…

      another denizen of the foetid sump of rottenchapell… handler, beastemaster… perhappes a servant of house bethseba, perhaps one Herodde has struck alliances with… a hereditarie creature, made by implantes torne from the dying fleshe of the father and fused to the sonne by ever more ignorante fleshe-artists… the arte is being lost… the seeker, the venatorre, feared with an holie feare by the slaves and factoria-serfes, guarding the serfe-dormitories and hunting the fugitivi who flee to drowne in the pooles of filthie waste or choke in the sumpe fumes of loweste terra… nowe he huntes the murderer of his mistresse.

      bowed, twisted, mutilated fleshe, crudely fashioned to its taske… crooke-legges, muddy shitte-stained puttees and a carapace of rustinge brasse, pisse- and oile and liquified shitte-pipes pour filthe onto terra’s stinking floors…. tortured skinne twisted under armour-plates, one arme replaced by a painfulle clutching clawe jutting out of a brasse fitting, stronger far than fleshe to holde the machine-houndes on the traille… a decaying rotten wooden shielde holdes his sealed warrante, to seeke the impious fugitivi who dare flee the emperor’s holie worke…

      In my minde the filthy portal is not a lens but a lighte… he sees with his heade, severed and kepte alive on the ende of a staffe like a periscope, peering yellowe-eyed into cracks and crevices… aske ye notte for whom he seekes… leste he seeketh thee…

      his hounde is another creation of twisted fleshe, fused and sutured and stitched… reminds me of a dogge-creature in the rottenchapell painting… the augmeticks, oily brasse carapace, vialles of chalkie-residued ichorre and grasping claws are more preciousse far than the twisted fleshe fused to them and manie are the bodies that have borne them, fugitive, slave, captured pilgrymme twisted by surgerie and augmeticks into a caniformme tracker a livinge foote fused to a metalle limbe… bodies in the plural, for the greasy filthy head, eyes covered by a screene-blinker, strange and gnashing jawes, and the servo-skulle bothe direct this strange creature onto its preye.

      Standing in cesse-pitte terra, the charnelle-world, the carrion corpse-worlde, broken cobblestones and the filthe of millennia…


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