The Church of Foam and The Daylight Cathedral

I tend to love jumping into big, bold, ambitious dreams, naively ignoring realism and openly sharing plans so it is too late to back up. The vision for the table was one such affair. One CAD model and dozens of iterations and quotations later, I’ve finally settled on a balanced approach where I am doing all of the cathedral, the massive stairs that is, CNC cutting the core from special foam that is light enough to ship over the Atlantic and strong enough to take all the work on top of the “skeleton”, and together with all the crazy supplies I’ve bought and the cutting which is a lions share, it’s costing $2500.

This is down from wild estimates between 10 and 20K when I was thinking of 5 axis cutting most of it rather than scratch building.

And the Amazing Pilgrym team has stepped in to build the Botanicarium and the Bridge into city. So we are rolling again. And it is going to be Epic. And crazy expensive, but then again, comparable to building big armies, with FW stuff in the mix.

I also have some new Terrain work to share. These models are central to the Cathedral. I’ve drawn inspiration from John’s legendary Sister of Battle Cover and aimed for a cinematic style still somewhat compatible to the Ghost legion. I need to keep moving and have so little free time, that with what I have I am quite satisfied with the results. Please meet:

Pontifex Maximus, High Cardinal Philippus “the Ageless” 

Bishoppe Restore

The Guarde Curze (Pontifex Militia, made of cursed men doing penitence)


I wanted to share a better picture of the Imperial fists retinue, also part of the Stairs terrain. I don’t think I ever showed this little group properly. Together with the Church and the Ghost legion I am beyond 20 finished Pilgrym models now!

Centurion Grigor, Sentinels of Terra, paying a visit to the Daylight Wall memorial.





26 thoughts on “The Church of Foam and The Daylight Cathedral

  1. The ambition of this project has been inspirational from the start. Whatever form the table finally takes, I just know it’s going to be a work of art.

    The miniatures are looking good. Your Imperial Fist is one of the best Stormcast to Astartes conversions I’ve seen.

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    1. Thanks! The Sentinel was fun to build. Not my most refined conversion, but surprisingly coherent given the crazy assembly of bits from all over the range 🙂


  2. Incredibly original as always!

    Interesting colour scheme for the Church members. What is the significance of the hazard stripes?

    I like how you’ve interpreted the yellow of the imperial fist as being similar to that of modern construction machinery, at least that’s the association that I draw. The contrast between this very pragmatic colour and the very ornamental inlaid bone and equipment is quite striking.

    I really wish the photographs were a bit clearer though, the focus is a bit soft.

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    1. I enjoyed the idea of combining the hazard stripe, something so seminal to 40k imagery to this religious group. It seems bizarre, yet somehow completely fitting to how the church of 40k would roll. Eventually it’s time to photograph every single model produced for this affair in coherent, professional manner.


  3. Can’t wait to see the terrain develop! And lovely figures as usual.
    Thanks for all the hard work, it is inspiring to the rest of us.

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  4. Very impressive amount of stuff being produced – I thought I worked fast but I’m in awe of both migs and mr Vader who both have very demanding careers as well – I love the yellow marine – I’m inspired …….

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  5. Great work and like the rest of you creative people I can’t wait to see the table. The Church members are awesome and I especially like the colour scheme you have chosen, it has a certain old school flavour to it.

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  6. Fantastic! So many great details and colors to point out. The hazard marking yellow you have used is delicious and it’s also one of my favorite things in your Alban Silas’ “The Bad” retinue. Secondly two really amazing miniatures, the High Cardinal and the cherubim, just wow. With the work you have put into that vat-grown monsterbaby, I’d hope it would have it’s own base 🙂

    And 20 finished characters already! That’s really something, hats off. Also best luck with the terrain, teasers from it are highly awaited!

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  7. Phenomenal work. Loving that Marine at the bottom. Those are Lord Relictor legs, a Tempestor Prime collar and what’s the chest from, I can’t place it? Looked at both the Genestealer Cult and Ad Mech bitz but I can’t find it…

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  8. Gorgeous! I wouldn’t have thought the cold yellow would work so well with the warm metals and reds, but man it looks great. I love the industrial/construction look mixed with the byzantine opulence. Inspiring stuff as always.

    Can’t wait to see how the board materializes. What an undertaking!

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    1. The thought with the group was to keep the converting to minimum and a super quick Paintjob as they are really just terrain and not a focal point, but then converting got a little out of hand and I really enjoyed painting some freehand chevrons and squares so ended up both spending time and enjoying it. Glad you guys like them.


  9. It is always great to see more progress from you Migs! Your creativity and productivity seemingly know no bounds! I know I will struggle to finish all of the planned miniatures for the Church of the Red Athenæum for the event…and here you have created legions of inspired models while planning and building the gaming table. Impressive!

    Pontifex Maximus is a fantastic model. I love his industrial looking bionic legs. Centurion Grigor looks marvelous too, the drab yellow looks great.

    Keep up the great work!

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    1. I still have no idea how I get it done on time and shipped on time, but the odds never really stopped me from trying or enjoying the journey.


  10. That is once again incredible work! Your stamina and productivity is mind blowing…Pontifex is awesome.

    I also look so much forward to the table. We are working on building the foundations of the Botanicarumme now. As it turns out it has been built on top of even older pilgrim routes – now holloways criss crossing the cathedral cellars and hallways of Terra – itself a three-dimensional palimpsest.

    As you, we have no idea how to finish this in time but enjoy it immensely nevertheless 🙂

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  11. Great work man! These guys are amazing! The Hazard stripe paired up with the red robes is a very striking combination.
    Can’t wait to see the first glimpses of the board also, so exciting!

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  12. Ever since I saw the Realm of Terra art in the 6th edition rulebook,I’ve been fascinated by the weird and wonderful humanity that populates the cities and backgrounds of the 41st Century,and you and the others are creating truly awe-inspiring and I feel groundbreaking work here,not only in terms of table-top gaming,but in modelling as an entire hobby. I really cannot wait to see Iron Sleet’s vision of Terra come to life!!!!!

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