‘Vikiila’ Protectate Serg Yarro

Everyone is working hard building terrain and warbands towards next months game, so updates on the site have been slow. PDH to the rescue!

‘Vikiila’ Protectate Serg Yarro

In his former life he was a soldier of the medieval world Okassis; his regiment were on a pilgrimage to Terra in celebration of the Imperium’s great victory in the Olson Sector. Yarro’s pilgrimage ended in a basement dissect laboratorium belonging to House Dessicum. Using his combat training and battlefield experience Yarro managed to escape his captors, but missed his transportation back to Okassis and was stranded on the Throne World.

Hounded by house Dessicum, Yarro travelled south and eventually joined the Vikiila cult of the southern hemisphere. The Vikiila see it as their holy purpose to support and protect pilgrims upon their journey, especially from the profit worshippers of the Officio Sancti Exanimus. Serg Yaro now dons his battle garb once more and sells his services as a Protectate, upon the Daylight Wall.

Pilgrim PPilgrim Close upsPilgrims with Protectorate

This chap was very much inspired as a counter to Toni and Thistle’s criminal organisations, though with a hint of the hypocritical. The miniature is also very much inspired by one of Björn’s (Baiyuan) Inquisitional agents. As for the big V medallion hanging from his neck; it shows off his alliance to the Vikiila cult….it has nothing to do with Vostroya at all! The cults name comes from the Zulu word Vikela ‘protect’.  A big thank you to Fulgrim for his contribution – the Vostroyan sergeant came from his Okassian guard army.


19 thoughts on “‘Vikiila’ Protectate Serg Yarro

  1. I have to start by saying that the whole gang is so deeply a part of the medieval 40k imagery that it just gives me chills!
    And the storyline is something that I personally just -can’t- let slip past. Will definitely spend the limited free time I have to ensure the hounds are coming for Yarro!

    Well done Peter


  2. Great autogun conversion, and those monks/pilgrims are great too. Very creepy in a specifically 40k way.

    Also interesting is your basing, which appears to be standard bases, but instead of having the whole rim painted black, has only about 50% black… makes them seem thinner without giving up the advantages of a thicker base for figuring handling.


    1. Hey Packer.

      You say the auto conversion is great but now its all finished I find it a little phallic.

      The monks/pilgrims are very much inspired by all the fantastic Gothic-horror black and white artwork from yesteryear.

      The bases are indeed standard bases with the Sandy Paste coming over the edges. To me it makes them feel more grounded.


  3. Yay! Another simple yet very effective character – especially because of the narrative as a former Dessicum victim…great idea to counter some of the already evocative storylines. Goes to show that this whole endeavour is a very open and (co)creative process.

    The V is a great touch too – I cant stop seeing the Pilgrym imagery (stairs) turned upside down…maybe even pointing towards the bowels of the Green Room…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Got to bring it all together! I know Mig’s wanted more “roleplay” and stories. It is a shame we have all been so busy this year (I know moving house has put my modelling time back). So quick little wins like this help me feel I’ve contribution. Plus the Dessicum background is very compelling.

      The Green Room is sounding more and more heretical the more you speak of it.


  4. Lovely job mate, great use of colour on Yaro – bright, yet somehow subdued… works perfectly with the monastic Vikiila! Beautiful.


    1. Thanks. I see him holding the crazy fools back from trouble. My favourite part of his role as guide and protector is his servo skull bringing light to darkness and quite pointless as half of the pilgrims are blind. I’m really proud of the little guy, especially the fire.


  5. True fact, Peter: he’s in the uniform of the Okassian Vth. Although his squad markings have been defaced into silver from their original brass; must be that Vikilia cult…


    1. True Fact, HT,: the bastard Dessicum stole his original squad markings. When he joined the Vikilla cult he had these made as he liked the idea of killing two birds with one stone, alas he couldn’t afford a brass-smith.


  6. Cheers Jeff. So looking forward to seeing your Inquisitor finished. The WIPS have blown me away. Talking of Inquisitors I have finished painting three out of ten minis for my Inquisitor’s retinue!


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