The Lazaros Cipher

Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros breathed a sigh of relief, Garm’s Maw had finally sailed past the outer defence structures of the Sol System and transcended into warp space; no one had opposed the vessel since he escaped Terra with his prize.

The prize, the infant, null warded and sealed in the most heavily layered psychic defence cell. A machine now weaned the infant, Magos Biologis Vrettas an unlikely candidate with his synthmilk and not an exemplar of humanity. If only he hadn’t been forced to kill the wet nurse.. Raising this child, to replace the Emperor upon the golden throne, was something he considered far harder than actually kidnapping it. His accomplice in this matter still trapped on Terra, she would follow and he would need her help in the years to come: not only teaching it to harness and control its power but Lazaros knew he would be hounded to edges of the galaxy by loyal and dark forces alike.

But hope flowed through his ancient frame for in these end times Captain Inquisitor Lazaros knew he possessed the tool to save the Imperium and resurrect the God Emperor.


Text by PDH, Art: Wayne England 2012


11 thoughts on “The Lazaros Cipher

  1. That’s a great piece of art – the message could not have been more incorrect – as for the mission – Inquisitrix walsynghymme caught the scent and dispatched her agents and a big bounty ……. the child would be hers and vaulted somewhere safe – the cards decreed thus …..

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    1. Indeed there’ll be a second, smaller game in January with all new warbands. Since the originals are in the WH World museum!
      The painting was really a good find! Fits the mood of Peter’s writing impeccably I think.

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  2. Great piece Peter! It’s both strange and at the same time extremely satisfying reading fiction based on a character you’ve created.

    That WE artwork was new to me. He’s sorely missed.

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  3. I’ve been reading through the blog after seeing the Blanchitsu feature in the latest White Dwarf. I think the concept of the Pilgrym narrative campaign. I’ve wanted to run a sort of non-standard narrative event in my local scene for a while; and I was just wondering how you set up the games and the constraints for building a warband?


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