News from Fenrys

Taciturn and prudent,
and in war daring
should a king’s children be;
joyous and liberal
every one should be
until the hour of his death.

the Hávamál


The Rout is expanding, getting ready to be unleashed on the Thorn Moons with the Golden Giants of the Ten Thousand, and the Soulless sisters. I’ve recently finished a Land Speeder, a squad of Grey Hunters and more Wulfen, keeping things dark and gritty, before moving to the Wolf King, who will get a whole new level of attention, and the Custodes and Sisters that will be a gleaming halo of Emperor’s sanction around him.



15 thoughts on “News from Fenrys

  1. Stunning armi – I don’t have to say how good they all are but the sheer scope of industrial activity is astonishing – congrats milky …..

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  2. As always that’s amazing work. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a take on the Rout that I like better. Keeping the palette so stark and grim really helps tone down the silliness so many Space Wolf painters suffer from with gaudy colors and wild hair. I would have never imagined pairing Deathwatch torsos with Space Wolves, let alone on Tartaros legs; but you’ve done it beautifully. I cannot wait to see you paint the Wolf King.

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  3. Best Space Wolves ever. Love everything from this army full of conversions. Very interested by how you achieve the grey too. I remember to read it somewhere but don’t remind where.

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    1. Oh, PLEASE do! I want to see the stages where you really make him come alive. Inert plastic to the living stone of the Vlka Fenryka!


  4. I will echo the praise Migs. You know that already.

    What I really think will be an epic undertaking is your plan of pairing the world weathered Rout, so beautifully presented here, with the shining light of the God Emperors most trusted servants. Anselm Kiefer meets JMW Turner…Cant wait to see this unfold.


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