Prelude to the Thorne Moons

From Jakob, a new faction approaching. Enjoy.

Wisdom and Voe.
Mold. Dull Greens.
A Flash of Red.

A Blinding Appearance.
Pale and Cold and Calm.
With Determination the Seeds are Sown.

The Shaping of Structures.
The Chant of the Seers.


A void sensation followed the sudden end to the performance. The now empty stage triggered associations of death, of extinction, but also a feeling of rebirth and renewal. Pure and dreadful. As if ghost shapes lingered there just beyond the layer of reality. Like a conscious afterthought left there by the harlequins bizarre bond with the spirit world.

The dance both invigorated her and left her hollow. Through many cycles Daethill had been drawn towards the Harlequins. Part of her curious of the stories following these mystic performers, and part of her just wanted something to take her mind of the past.

That said, the events that had led her to the Havens of the Corsairs now seemed insignificant to the visions of possible futures. An ancient landscape. Structures of deeper meaning. Moons of Magic. 

+   +   +


+   +   +

I am preparing an Aeldarii force. I want to add harlequins to my collection. My Craftworld force was started 2 years back on this very website and has grown to an army that counts a little more than 2000 points in the new rules. The army was based on a color scheme of White sporting Red and black for contrasts. For the Thorn Moons Crusade, however, I wanted to add some strong hues – reds, purples, orange. Deep saturated colours. The Masque of Red Sorrow.

Harlequins. Assembled out of the box. Simply gorgeous models. Painting these I have enforced both speed, detail-work, and strong colours. The sponge-technique of adding sparks of white is really daunting, but I find that it really adds that feeling of almost magical movement at an extreme pace. As if they have entered the battle ground through the webway.

By chance, the first model that concept-wise really kicked off the army was an all red Farseer Skyrunner. It was actually painted to support my Aeldari in games fielding a Reborn Warhost earlier this year. Going full red for this Farseer suited the Ynnari nicely, but also sparked the drive that later influenced the colours for the harlequins.

Recently I have been re-reading Path of the Eldar by Gav Thorpe and I was struck by the mysterious appearance of the White Seers. Trying to portrait these enigmatic Aeldarii sorcerers would be an great challenge and opportunity, so I want to work out a way to build these for my new force. These will be white without the regular spot colours of the main army, but I will have to work out another way to make them stand out on the battlefield. Finally, I want to bring some reinforcements to my Craftworld. Probably starting with some scouts including Daethill, a lone Aeldar, who has been traveling the stars seeking purpose and fulfilment.


11 thoughts on “Prelude to the Thorne Moons

  1. Brilliant work. Love the colour scheme on these and the white spots really do give the Harlequin an otherworldly feel; something I doubt I would be brace enough to try but it seems to have worked really well!


  2. Beautiful, Jakob. Bold and dark. Do you think the full 2000 point army shot could be shared here on Sleet too? Would love to see the whole force.


    1. Yeah. The full craftworld force will get here eventually. However, the Thorn Moons force will be different. Some craftworld squad will be hand-picked for the mission while new squads and skillsets will be recruited (e.g. Built and painted).


  3. These Harlies are drop-dead gorgeous 🙂 as you can probably tell from my screen-name, Eldar are my first love 40k-wise and I’ve been on a bit of a personal quest to inject as much Blanchian goodness into them as I can 🙂 really looking forward to your interpretation of them. Your back-catalogue with the Magos-like Black Librarian and your creepy Solitaire is really inspiring 🙂

    Not that I’m shilling or anything, but I’d love to hear what you think of my efforts 🙂

    Oh, last bit of praise, I’m an absolute sucker for a limited palette. You’ve done a brilliant job both sticking to a super-limited palette, but also giving each of your Harlies a unique colour variation within that palette. Great work 🙂


    1. Thanks ynneadwraith.
      The Black librarian and the solitaire are actually works by Migs. However, i will probably get to interpret black library xenos pretty soon myself.

      Btw, Checked your blog. Great stuff.


      1. Oops sorry! Well if your interpretation of Black Library xenos is anything like these Harlies they’re going to be brilliant 🙂 can’t wait 🙂

        Glad you like my humble efforts too!


      2. Oops sorry! Well if your interpretation of Black Library xenos is anything like these Harlies they’re going to be brilliant 🙂 can’t wait 🙂

        Glad you like my humble efforts too!


      3. It’s actually really cool how similar my Blacklibrary Solitaire and Jakob’s Spirit Seer Halrequin ended up looking painted at around the same time without seeing the other ones work really. But these two models met in person in SF last year.

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  4. I love this squad. I think it will serve the campaign aesthetic and world building very well. The sublime reds will just explode from the greenery and in this respect I’m happy the army will be made of largely new, redder units 😀


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