Hydra Dominatus

:: The Emperor Protects ::

My favorite time of the year and the most rewarding phase of any Army Building project, where the many headed heart and soul of the force is done and there is endless room to explore and expand the depths of the Thorn Moons.

So here we go. The countless twists that power the Moons emerge from the depths, pulling out their protector. Algae, iron, rust. Hydra Dominatus!


Worth looking at the myriad of shades that make the force. Sometimes I wonder if the chestnut backdrop of the desk made me pick the palette. 


:: Task Force Thorne – 20th Legion, Thornmoons Crusade ::

It was time to clear the old XX Legion army and make way for this new labor of love, and what feels like a hobby miracle. A series of mostly very enjoyable, largely chill, late night momenta of time and six months later this.




9 thoughts on “Hydra Dominatus

  1. Great stuff and all the better because you enjoyed painting it all. Sometimes I find the last couple of miniatures in any army are just a grind because I have painted too much of the same thing.

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  2. Sweet! I love these guys. Great to see you expanding into the more gribbly denizens of the Thorn Moons. Love the Hydra statue and its little tug. They compliment your Legionaries perfectly 🙂

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  3. I am utterly impressed by the vision, feel and speed of this endevour Migs. Thanks!

    The Hydra project is stunning. World building at its best. The different shades of green on the green men are fantastic, both unified and with the sense of diversity you get in a forest. What impress me the most is your ability to paint with light, which makes this possible in my opinion. Much related to the way John to a large extent brings his works to life with an attention to light…fog, stars, moons, etc. Two familiar ways of illuminating the worlds you are bringing to life. So good!

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