Inkerthean Pikemen

As part of the Ordo Xenos task force responsible for bringing the Thorn Moons into compliance, an outlandish but time-honored regiment has made planetfall.

The Inkerthean Pikemen hail from the Nephilim Sector, and it’s men recruited from a number of compliant systems therein. Most of these regiments have history dating back to the Great Crusade, and are using arcane weapons. The units operating in the Crataegus campaign especially tend to use esoteric arc-spears, which require the warriors to have physical contact to the planet’s surface and their weapons. If that connection gets broken, the lethal energies released will wreak havoc on the weapon’s user. This means no shoes, no gloves, and is a gruelling task for an ordinary man.

What fun to paint, and start growing an army out of the force! Painting ten miniatures at once was a challenge though, but seeing them all together definitely makes it worthwhile.

This might also serve as inspiration for the Invitational, since the subject matter is similar. This isn’t my entry though, just a warmup! On Tuesday it will be one week until the first deadline, and we will share where to start submitting entries.


22 thoughts on “Inkerthean Pikemen

  1. Very cool! Its very inspiring everytime I see people use the same kits to kitbash allout different models^^ like the barefooted Kairic Acolytes in combination with the scion torso and variation of helmets….

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  2. I would love to know where you bought your little display cases from, the one that Horus (?) is in. I totally wanna buy some.

    The arc spears are a really badass idea, too. Very Dune-esque.


    1. Thanks. That was a source of some suspense for me. Before painting they looked like a very ragged force, so it was deliberate to have a strict theme.


      1. Yeah I can see the issue prior to painting. Aside from the legs, there’s nothing massively distinctive that unifies all the models until the paint scheme’s sorted. Nerve-wracking if you’re looking to make a unified regimental force.

        Glad you stuck with it though. The first thought that actually popped into my head was ‘I really don’t envy the poor Administratum clerk that’s tasked with resupplying these guys. There must be two-dozen different variations of spears alone”, which then led to “I bet all Imperial regiments are like that…”

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  3. Lovely unit, really nicely done mate. I love that their feet are filthy and tough looking, it really sells the concept well & is so mad that it makes perfect sense!


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