Invitational firing on all cylinders!

Ladies and gentlemen, this is looking seriously great!


Instagram has been full of activity this past week, and our hashtags #sleetinvitational and #thornmoonsregiments are shaping up to be a great resource for inspiration. Also as a rather remarkable coincidence, Voodoo Forest by John Blanche is out!! I would not be posting this link if I hadn’t ordered mine already! This is seriously a great opportunity to get some amazing art and a sure to be collector’s item.

But back to the point of this post:

You have one week to submit black and white WIP photos.
These can anything from blu-tacked together to almost finished paintwork. These pictures help to show everyone your thinking, and also help us plan how to present everything.

Before November 1st, send three black and white .jpg photos along with your name or pseudonym that you would like credited to

We’ll be sharing the work throughout November, in the run-up towards the finale with painted pictures. With all the creativity out there channeled into a collective show, this is looking epic.


12 thoughts on “Invitational firing on all cylinders!

      1. I own an old BlackBerry, so there isn’t an app for it, and the Windows app doesn’t let photos to be uploaded. I did tag the ones I uploaded to the INQ28 Facebook group, but I guess that doesn’t count. :/


  1. Warhammer 40k noob here, who loves anything Astra Militarum… I would like to participate but, I’m still caught up with getting my Primaris Space Marine Army all assembled… For now I can only offer lore my personal IG Regiment, (No real models til late next year, sadly…)


  2. Hope it’s not an issue but I through in an extra model and a familiar for my entry; just couldn’t help myself. So much fun building each and everyone of these models. Each them are filled with so much life and character that I cannot wait to tell their story. Cheers.

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