Adepta Sororitas ⚜︎ Order of the Hallowed Veil

Within the deepest corners of The Primogenitor, enveloped by the Great Hollow on one side and Liquid Metal lakes on the other, a fortress monastery of pure imperial gothic making has stood proud for a thousand years.

Very little is known of its inhabitants, for secrecy and silence equal survival this deep in the hellish, ever shifting reality of the hulk. The sect may have started as an outpost Abbey of the Valorous Heart, but has since been recruiting exclusively from inside the Primogenitor. Records have been retrieved of Hallowed Veil recruitment campaigns from at least five different hive cities, including Solvus Prime which still resides vital inside The Primogenitor, but also hives which perished thousands of years ago. The unfathomable flow of time and space make it difficult to ascertain the true beginning of this Order Minoris.

A persistent myth exists though, throughout all sects of human populace inhabiting the hulk. Several generations ago when the Great Rot run rampant through The Primogenitor and nightmare manifested into putrid flesh, the blessed sisters gave shelter to hundreds of thousands of imperial citizens inside the walls of the monastery. Children were huddled into prayer rooms, while women and grown men were left outside on the streets for lack of space. For weeks they endured a siege as power armoured daemons of decay unleashed their curses and demolition upon the Abbey. And in an act of final desperation when the enemy breached the gates, the Sororitas silenced their guns and joined in prayer.

Their song echoed thousandfold from the vast walls of the hulk, and the enemy passed straight through the fortress without so much as a glance at the imperial citizens lining the streets. The tattered veil through which enemy forces marched into the fortress is the penultimate relic of its namesake Sororitas order.

There are claims to this date, passed along as myths for generations, which attest the enemy forces transforming into gloriously handsome Astartes battle-brothers. Witnesses claimed these so called space marines wept as they silently walked through the monastery and into the Great Hollow beyond, with the shadows of eternal daemons clinging onto their armour.

Imperial records do not catalogue any Astartes campaign into The Primogenitor or any of it’s known components to date, and these rumours are considered nothing but nonsense fantasy. The existence of a fortress monastery has been verified, and Imperial forces are establishing communication links.

⚜︎ Ave Imperator ⚜︎



6 thoughts on “Adepta Sororitas ⚜︎ Order of the Hallowed Veil

    1. Hi, personally mine haven’t ever been! Just came from a very black deathwatch army to sisters. And thats why it was nice to do something light that stands out on the tabletop.


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