Desk 2.0

Ready for the reset? In the next few weeks I will rebuild my hobby shrine and workshop and share the progress here. 

I’ve always wanted my work space to reflect and support the subject. I’m obsessed by quality, care and taste, and am really fond of furniture a century or more old to balance my very austere and modern taste in most other things. 

Both the desk and the shelving system made it safely to the new place. Both are over 100 years and made in USA. The shelving is made in Cincinnati, but the desk is locally made for a Bank in San Francisco. The desk is missing some drawers in the photo that I’m going to pick up separately with the paints still in them. 

I hope you enjoy the updates and please keep spreading the word about Iron Sleet. 





9 thoughts on “Desk 2.0

  1. I love that desk. Do you have some kind of a work surface that you put on top when you do any painting? I would be terrified of making a mess of that desktop with paint.


    1. I’ve got a leather cover, yes. And I always use a sheet of white paper too, old habit, even if I have recently grown fond of using an actual palette for paints.


  2. The desk is still an incredibly beautiful piece of design and craftmanship, which, as we have seen, is brought back to life by all the wonderful creations, glass domes, art works, etc., around it.

    But the cabinet is wonderful! Great with the fronts, which seems to be opening upwards – are they able to hold themselves while open?

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  3. That’s a very nice desk, but I would love to see a picture with all the kit on it. I have an old leather topped desk of similar proportions and its still way too small lol


  4. I am eternally jealous of that beautiful desk Migs. My Great Uncle has one that looks just like it, I will have to check where his was made as we’re about a 2 hour drive from Cinci, perhaps they are brothers.


  5. Ive got a roll-top desk that i use for painting as well. Originally made in Grand Rapids, Michigan it travelled over to Ireland sometime around 1900 and now sit’s in my room used much in the same way. Albeit nowhere near as stylishly šŸ™‚


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