Astra Militarum, The Primogenitor

+ Militarum ad Astra +

  +++ASTROPATHIC MESSAGE RECEIVED+++ …decrypting +URGENT+ …parsing +CLEARANCE LEVEL: VERMILLION+ +CLEARED+ …transcribing //Location: From Cicatrix Maledictum, to coreward Sol System, Terra-bound. Vector 111443K, 893.56. Classification: Space Hulk, size-class: Indistinguishable. Grav-flux indicates classification: Gargantuan-Ω. Psi-active. Translation ortus-scream silenced communication from surrounding systems sector-wide. Threat level: Magna, imminent. Sanctity of Segmentum Solar under direct incursion. See mission […]

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The Story of Lassi – 6th

Introductory posts by other Sleeters have been the status quo, and as the sixth member it’s my time to scratch out my own. The purpose is to give some insight to my work in four examples and inspect my methods and have a little personal pinpointing exercise as well. My journey in the hobby can […]

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