Fabius Bile & Agents

Lieutenant-Commander of the IIIrd, Chief Apothecary, Clonelord, Pater Mutatis… Fabius Bile is such a great character. I recently did my own version of the classic model and GW has the official model up for grabs. I also made a little chirutek-servitor, a mutant killmachine and two gland-hounds. Migs has also been creating some absolutely gorgeous Spider hunter Inquisitors, so make sure you check out his Instagram.

Apparently there’s also new Josh Reynolds’s Fabius book incoming. Josh Reynolds has done to Fabius what Abnett did to Alpha Legion and Dembski-Bowden to Night Lords, so I cannot stress enough how much I want you to read them! Let me know what you think of the models and the little different, worn-out colourscheme.



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