Invitational III: Part 5

We proudly present you the last gallery of The Primogenitor Invitational entries. We are humbled by each and everyone’s effort in joining us to build this scene of war in the 41st millennium. Huge thank you for participating on the behalf of all of us.

Much like any other gathering, The Primogenitor gaming scheduled for this summer has to wait due to the pandemic and travel bans. We here at the Sleet are all super excited for the 9th edition of Warhammer 40.000 and weathering the pandemic by gearing for it. Everyone is busy building armies and terrain. We encourage you to do the same, take care of your friends and family, and stay safe!




10 thoughts on “Invitational III: Part 5

  1. Wow! This lot really captures the classic space hulk vibe but with a grimdark undertone. I love the staging and background imagery on most, and the dramatic lighting of the Munerator!

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  2. What a great series this has been, I only wish that I could zoom in on many of the images to capture more of the details — well that leaves more to the imagination doesn’t it. Very very nice work Primogenitor Team.

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  3. Wow. What a stunning close out to the invitational. Squats, old plastic Ork plasmas, space pumpkins. So awesome. Thanks again Sleet team for hosting!

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  4. Great stuff, all of it! Just stumbled upon this and read through all the five parts. I’m damn intrigued by the visual style of the “Primogenitor”. Kudos to all of the contributors! Do you plan to do something like this again? I’d really like to convert some miniatures for an upcoming invitational!


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