Thorn Moons Crusade


  +++ Thorn Moons Crusade +++   The Green Man Cometh   Dramatis Personae   The Defenders of the realm   The Thorn Moon Legion, Elder Ones & Green Mechanicvm Oghamme, Keeper of Thornes, High Librarian, Custode of Daerwynne, 1st Library Moon Huathe, Thorne Kyngge, Lord of Gheal, 3rd Moon Thurisaz, Thorne Maker, Lord of […]

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The Pilgrym, Thorn Moons Crusade

The Pilgrym – Extracting the Cipher

Astropath Borleen stared out the view port with blind eyes, the use of the view port an anachronism from long past, her psychic senses spreading across the void to the docking bays of Tumulus Gate void station. She liked to stay abreast of the vessels in dock and the likely need for her services. Her […]

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