The Brotherhood Of Steel – Story So Far…

Finally I found some time to re-shoot my whole Squat force with newly learned iOS photographing technique;) I was about to write some cool story about these brave warriors but instead, as I was uploading these pictures here, I suddenly realized that the whole story about who they were, how they fought & what parts did I used to create them is actually written in these miniatures here. Inspect them with care & Im sure you find all your answers;) I understood that displaying them like this, without explaining too much was perfect opportunity to test how I have managed to tell the story with the actual miniatures. Approach the following pictures like you approach paintings. Is the image speaking to you or not?

Will Of Steel [Command Squad]

Thorwarg Eldsten
Force commander of the fighting brotherhood
-Plasma pistol
-Power weapon
Thorsten Järnkall
Company Standard Bearer
League Banner
– Servo Harness
– Power Axe


Brothehood Of Steel [Troops]

Tactical Warrior Squad #1

-Heavy Bolter


Tactical Warrior Squad #2
-Plasma gun
-Missile launcher
-Storm bolter

Tactical2korjailtu Transport APC 35pts. rhinokorjailtu

Harder Than Steel [Elites]

Exo-Unit Sergeant w. Drill Axe Heavy Flamer 215pts. terminatorskorjailtu

Forged In Steel [Heavy Support]

-Plasma cannon


Devastator Squad
4x Heavy boltters


1130 pts.



25 thoughts on “The Brotherhood Of Steel – Story So Far…

  1. Multiple narratives spring to mind – mi favourite being that these are a vanguard force from a much larger lost colony adrift on a huge asteroid that they initially mined – now lost they search for new resources and low betide any who are in the way – such a splendid army to look at and very fast in execution ….

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  2. These are so beautiful, I could cry. Just sublime and the photography is amazing. I hope you chaps get round to telling us how you photograph your miniatures so beautifully soon.

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  3. To me it looks like a large mining clan that has suffered attrition at the hands of pirates and xenos, and which has now abandoned it’s family halls, no longer having the squat power to defend it, and now makes it’s way throughout the galaxy, mining and performing forge work where they can.

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  4. i loved the story you posted with the Exo-suits. I think these guys would work well as an entrepreneurial mining tycoon and his personal security forces, who patrol the tunnels hunting down rock-wurms and fending off gangs of plundering miscreants 🙂


  5. Mikko! Wow just WOW!

    I cannot wait to see what rabbit you pull out of your hat next.

    Your APC is possibly the most extraordinary tank conversion I have ever had the pleasure to see.

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  6. WOW, just WOW, if GW ever needed to see how to stylise a Squat Army for reintroducing it into the game, they should just look at this and say, this modeller cracked it.

    Simply put your scratchbuilt, I won’t say conversions, as to me, there looks to have been so much used from so many sources, I couldn’t say they were ‘converted’ from what miniatures or from where or even by whom, this is one of the best Squat armies out there, full stop.


    1. Actually no, never liked the original bike models and Im pretty sure I could not make them look “tough” nor dangerous looking, instead Im pretty sure they would end up looking hilarious wich is not the direction I would like to go with these. Instead, I have thinking about adding a squadron of Buggies to act as attack bikes;)


      1. Good call. I could not for the life of me figure out how to do bikes. My only thought was somehow to use Ork Bikes.

        Any thoughts on terminators? There must be a sweet conversion idea floating around for that…


  7. Wow! absolutely incredible. I’ve been fiddling with squats for a while, and never quite got it right, and you’ve nailed it here. Superb.
    I have to ask, do you mind if i use this idea as a base for my squat force?

    Regardless, once again, incredible miniatures.

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    1. Thank you Dalton! Please feel free to use my “recipe” for your Squats:)
      You know, this way of doing them has become quite popular method among Squat players recently;)
      So I really feel so proud that I have been able to give something like this for the community out there.


  8. Awesome army!!
    I really would like to know which bits/parts have you used to build the dreadnoght. I have been inspiring myself with a few ideas for weeks, but i really like your design. Please tell me something more! Thanks!!


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