Hounds of Valon – WIP #2

Hounds of Valon; Pointman, Executioner and Tracker.



21 thoughts on “Hounds of Valon – WIP #2

  1. Very cool!

    One thing that I love (and that people just don’t do enough of anymore) is the beastmaster/animal double-figure models that are actually linked by leashes and chains. I used to see a lot of that in WFB back in the 80’s and I always loved it. It’s like a mini-vignette between models – so much character.


    1. Cheers Odie! I’m trying to figure out how this would work in a gameplay. If the master dies, how’d I disconnect the two headed rat from it’s leash? And so on… Maybe building a miniature clasp 😀


      1. Another option is to magnetize the handler’s hand, and have a replacement to put on him if the rat dies first. If the handler dies first, the rat would just be running around with a chain and disembodied hand.

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  2. Very characterful models. I particularly like “Pointman”. His pose is quite dynamic and to me he looks as if he’s sizing up an opponent, perhaps in a duel. I’m really looking forward to seeing these fellows painted and in a group shot with Valon


    1. I totally agree about the pointman, that pose is excellent.

      Regarding the tracker, you made really creative use of the components that went into his head. For my part, I’ve never been a big fan of that particular rebreather, but with the helmet it looks like it has always belonged. It only occurred to me upon seeing these two latest models that they’re based on chaos cultists. You probably said that before and I had just forgotten, but I don’t know if I’ve ever seen them used so elegantly.

      Have you thought about making the tracker hold a tiny hook, over which the chain slips? It might not be the most practical option in the real world, but it could fit their look and let you separate the models without the chain trailing a hand.


  3. Nice tracker!! I guess our invitational entries might be quite similar in spirit. I will need to send some pics next weekend..


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