Hounds of Valon – Finished

My name, it shall be forgotten,
for I have no more use for it.
The sacred duty that I have chosen
grants me freedom from such vanity.

Name me to my purpose,
a title for my brothers to call,
when my aid is what they need.

For I am what I do.
No more, no less.

– Verses XX–XXII from the oath of Special Field Discipline Company
“the Hounds”

From left to right: Pointman, Inquisitor Isaac Valon, Tracker and Executioner.
Inquisitor Valon and the Hounds have a confrontation with the Wasps gang.



20 thoughts on “Hounds of Valon – Finished

  1. Damn, these are good. I really like the soft blacks, especially on the rat catcher. I think it speaks for the success of the conversions that it is not immediately obvious that the chaos cultists are the base even though you haven’t done any radical changes to them.

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  2. They’re beautiful Kari – the sombre paintscheme is just spot on. Love the rat wrangler!

    If you’re thinking of adding another member it would be nice to introduce a slightly bigger miniature to the retuine to create some size-contrast.

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  3. hi there, found your blog following spiky rat pack linked from Benoit Menard’s website. great job. Kari, I really appreciate your models, strong conversions and atmosphere.
    can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂


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  4. Beautiful! I really love the helmet on the rat-handler. And the terrain is just wonderful. I agree it would be fun seeing this theme extended to a larger model.

    You have the pointman, tracker, and executioner … what about a trophy-handler? A burly guy or servitor construct who is both a pack mule with supplies for the hunt and a walking trophy display (mounted or gilded heretic heads, etc) …

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    1. That sounds interesting. Maybe the servitor should be able to do some pre-cleaning of the heads before they are handed to the Mechanicus.


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