Red Corsairs – Heavy Bolter WIP

Time for a small update.

I’ve decided to get back to my Red Corsairs project and add more fire power to the ranks of the first squad in a form of Heavy Bolter. Here’s a quick blue tac concept of my thoughts.


11 thoughts on “Red Corsairs – Heavy Bolter WIP

  1. Nice. Love that particular helmet – it’s really menacing while not overly chaosy.

    The grey knight shoulderpads feel a little out of place on a renegade though, but you’ve probably have plans for them?

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    1. This is me right now, I have to order a bunch of them before I can start assembling.

      What is that blue tack exactly? I use this orange stuff but it really doesn’t hold together all that well for testing.


  2. Hi, just to let you know as a random browser that a lot of your older posts are now missing photographs or contain links. Navigating through old posts using the ‘endless scroll’ page is annoying enough on slow connections, then finding that a bunch of random content is missing is more so. You haven’t left any methods to contact the blog or admin so I thought’d I’d just leave a message here at one of the examples and hope someone finds it. What content I can view is beautiful, dark, and inspiring. It’s a shame to have that slightly muffled by poor site layout and maintenance.


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