Back On Sculpting Again

Feels so good after a long, long brake from making a full figurines =)

ProCreate mixed with Milliput, perfect combination.

To me it’s a love and hate affair. So damn hard to do right but so SO rewarding at times.

the frame beneath is a Wich Elf body but everything will be covered with putty in the end.



12 thoughts on “Back On Sculpting Again

    1. Thank you, have been wandering through your artworks a lot lately looking for some curves and again I have found inspiration from them! let’s see where they will take me with this one eh;)


  1. Massive respect for your sculpt-fu… Can’t wait to see how this turns out! I’m curious, do you have a clear idea of what you’re creating before you start? Or is it more of an evolution?


    1. Thanks! Some times I sketch everything down very meticulously before starting but sometimes like in this particular case here, it really is evolution! although I do have loose image in my head for her. (I constantly study John Blanche’s artwork for inspiration and that usually helps;)


    1. Thanks Neil! yes, that hole there is for her arm. I try a new technique where I build the arm separately from the body and attach them later in the process.


  2. Is this something you study a lot elsewhere, or just learn through modelling & practice? Anatomy etc seems like a difficult thing to get right


    1. Hi Elliot! I have studied human anatomy just a little bit through figure drawing when I was studying but most of that stuff I have learned has come through repetitive mistakes i have made with sculpting earlier;)


  3. Hi Mikko,
    Love your work! šŸ™‚ This is shaping up to be one fine lady (well more like scary lady judging by your latest post but that’s meant in the best way!)
    I have a question – what makes a mix of milliput and procreate perfect to you? As opposed to the more widely-used combo of milliput and green stuff for instance?


    1. Thanks Alex! I always liked ProCreate over Greenstuff, less stickier and much easier to handle, you can even sand it to a certain point. in other words to me its superior in every way=) and Milliput makes it even better!


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