The Eversor


Ready for painting – moving so fast the camera had trouble focusing.

It’s a brilliant sculpt, and somehow I managed to avoid temptation to convert (even when shamed by Mikko’s stunning Temples of Death entry), only building a serious new base and changing the angle of the Assassin in relation to scenery, which makes it work much better in my opinion.

This is quite nostalgic, the Eversor assassin and the Mike Mcvey white dwarf diorama remain some of my old time favorite model/paintjob moments from decades a go. All four new assassins are brilliant, but the other three all have some minor flaw about their proportions or detail, so to me the Eversor again stands on the shoulders of the other temples.

Great to get into painting something not grey for a change !


4 thoughts on “The Eversor

  1. Great to see you assembled an Eversor assassin! Of all the new plastic assassins, the Eversor is by far my favorite. He captures all of the great visual elements of Goodwin’s old model while adding some nice motion (and a more menacing looking skull mask) to his pose.

    The subtle reposing looks really nice as does his modified base. I also did some reposing on my Eversor; if interested he can be found here:

    Keep up the great work!

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