Punk Moth – Part I, The Setting

First things first; To set your mind to the right mood and get the purest Punk Moth experience, please put this dark ambient music playing on the background while you’re reading this post:

Atrium Carceri – The Untold – Unlocking the Seal

+++ Intro +++

A decade. 

That’s how long I have been hunting this filth of a man. Every year I’ve got closer to his repulsive stench. The clever bastard has been covering his tracks well. But not well enough.

When you are old, the only thing you have in your hands is time. Time to wait. Wait for the crucial mistake to happen. My patience finally paid me off… The filth made his mistake.

A contact of mine, who owed a favour or two to me, provided a promising clue of Cassar’s whereabouts. I took a liberty to use another source to double check the datum. It was water proof.

The lead took us here to this hell-hole in the middle of nowhere, far from the heart of the civilized Imperium. Ianthe IV they used to call it. Dead world since the bloody civil war. Now only mad men and criminals come to visit this place. We must belong to the category mentioned first.

No official Imperial maps are available of this place, only shady scribbles made by the pirates and outlaws dodging the fleets of the pursuing law. I paid a good fortune for their intelligence. The Administratum has done a good job in destroying every piece of fact and history there has ever been written about this forsaken planet. You have to wonder why.

The intelligence shows the remains of the vast Hive City network, bombarded to the ground by the Imperial Navy. Millions died and burned to dust. The rebellion ceased, but so did the voice of Iantheans.

The ruins of the cities do not interest me. It would be just like looking for a needle from a haystack. My third source pin pointed a small sector many kilometers away from the closest network. That place caught my interests.

There’s a location out in the Badlands known as the Monastery. Built on a sacred ground of the first pilgrims of Ianthe IV. The ruins of the Monastery hold many secrets, of which only the dead Iantheans know about – and apparently Cassar too. He is up to something. I’m not sure what exactly it is. I will find it out.

I am exhausted. My evey bone aches. But my job is still far from done, and I shall not rest until I’ve succeed in it – or died trying. It is time to lay the plan and lure the prey in to its trap. That ain’t old man’s job. Thankfully I have the very best of my agents here with to me, on my final mission.

The hunt is on. May the light of the Emperor guide me and give me strength.

Pherion, of Mars.

+++ EOF +++

So the first game (or scenario) of Punk Moth campaign shall finally see the light of the day. Well, it was about the damn time! For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Punk Moth, I encourage you to check out Spiky Rat Pack – Punk Moth to catch up.

This first post will handle the setting of our first game along with the main objectives and the introduction of the characters. The main purpose of the Punk Moth campaign is to play a strongly narrative scenarios with our Inquisitors. To do this I will write the progress of our game(s) in a form of a story rather than just plain and simple (read dull) battle report.

Mikko brought five members from his hunting party along with him: Pherion, the venerable Inquisitor of planet Mars; Nicodemvs, fanatic with two lashing whips instead of arms; Arsonya, a fierce female warrior wielding dual hand flamethrowers; the Red Priest, a monk of mechanics faction and finally 0tt0, a pin headed brute with a massive elecro-hammer to speak his mind.

Pherion of Mars and the retinue

My pack will include Inquisitor Marius Cassar, the double faced renegade Inquisitor and the leader of the inglorious Rogues Malus; Coenrad “Mutie Kul” Lanzo, a three eyed mutant tracker with his hunting dog Skullhopperre; Rifleman, an unstable ex-military man with double-barreled shotgun and Haggard with his pneumatic servo-arm holding the devastating Faerwyrd machine gun.

Inquisitor Cassar and the inglorious Rogues Malus

For the rules, we thought to use heavily modified Necromunda rules, picking up some themes from the Inquisitor ruleset too. We decided to keep the stats of our characters very simple, so that there wouldn’t be too much hassle with the rules and stuff like that – keeping our minds in pushing the story forward and roleplaying the characters instead. Every character had pretty basic statistics with some power and variety added by the weapons. Even the Inquisitors are pretty much simple leader characters with little to less characteristic abilities. We did give flak armours for the both Inquisitors, but that’s just about it.

After compiling our gangs, we put up a gaming board from the scenery pieces I had made about two years ago particularly for this special event. I had a pretty clear plan how to set the ruins in the right places to make the board as interesting as possible. That plan suited to Mikko just fine. It was also great to see how well the bases of Mikko’s characters fitted in with the colour scheme of the board.

Finally it was time to give a reason for our game. The Punk Moth campaign tells a story of how Pherion was set to investigate the doings of Cassar, and the game should be the very pinnacle of that hunt mission; Pherion meets Cassar and has to capture him, dead or alive. To make the story more interesting, we decided to add some secondary objectives for both of us. Below is the layout of the map, along with the objectives and other relevant information.

Punk Moth – The Monastery

Inquisitor Marius Cassar’s (Ca) primary objective is to avoid of being captured by Pherion or his henchmen. He must maneuver through the Monastery to the other side of the board (5) and escape the perimeter. If Cassar is successful in this task, Kari gains one (1) victory point.

Cassar’s secondary objective is to try and protect the cargo (2, 7) from Pherion’s team. Each protected cargo is worth of one (1) victory point.

Inquisitor Marius Cassar

Pherion’s (Ph) primary objective is to capture Inquisitor Marius Cassar, dead or alive. This is done either by wounding Cassar in a combat and putting him down (contacting his base), or by eliminating him. By doing this Mikko gains one (1) victory point.

Pherion’s secondary objective is to tag the cargo (2, 7) with tracking devices. Only the Red Priest (Re) carries the necessary equipment for this task. The tagging happens by touching the cargo with the Red Priest. If the Red Priest is taken down, the secondary objective will be failed. Each tagged cargo is worth of one (1) victory point.


So there we go, everything set up and ready to rock’n roll. It’s been a long trip to this point, so please take a seat and enjoy the show.


16 thoughts on “Punk Moth – Part I, The Setting

  1. i’m so hyped for this, great ambient music choice as well. Did you assign stats based on how you felt the characters were or did you choose from specific lists?

    i’ve been looking forward to this battle for years, so hyped


  2. Woa! Wonderful stuff here!
    I’m looking forward to see the evolution of this promising campaign.
    I love the “narrative” mood of the game and I’m curious about the ruleset you use… Hope that you will share how you play guys, cause I’d really like to try myself a game with some friends.
    keep going!


  3. Hi guys, this is my first comment on your blog, I just wanted to say I’m in awe in front of your absolutely marvelous and inspiring work… And I am not just referring to the miniatures; everything, from the musics to the drawings is absolutely amazing, elevating the game to art and nothing less. Your sceneries are also incredible and atmospheric but the part that really stunned me is the deep attention to the graphic of the blog. Your photos are tasteful and immersive, as are the icons and the font you used, all in all it really have a professional feel to it, something I could only achieve if I would pay somebody to do it for me…


  4. Seeing the beautiful 40k imagery rendered in such a way sends me on a fanfiction frenzy, there is something awesome about the wide variety of settings and levels of technology in the universe that it has brought to the table.

    Though my musings nearly invariably never end up finished, I must praise you on creating such fine models, and indeed artworks, that have sent me chasing a new character on a new world faced with new problems.


  5. You guys are setting the bar really high, I love what you’re doing here, not just with the models but the whole story and everything! You’ve had a big impact on my decision to start a new blog of my own. I was wondering if there was any chance if you would take a quick look at my blog and let me know what you think?



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