Vlka Fenryka – Hjolda! He is alive!

Long sigh of relief from Northern California. Piercing cold of Fenrys has finally overtaken the heat of the summer, in 15, 30minute little islands of cool between ridiculously busy life. The count as Centurions, Iron Priests’ war forge marches to war. All the infantry for 2000pts of Vlka Fenryka stands ready to cut thread!

IMG_0241 IMG_0242 IMG_0243 IMG_0244 IMG_0245


14 thoughts on “Vlka Fenryka – Hjolda! He is alive!

  1. Amazing work Migsula. This project is a joy to follow and a real testament to your abilities and perseverance as a hobbyist. You’ve really brought to life a side of the Space Wolves that isn’t often seen.

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    1. Thanks. It’s been such a trip. I’m really happy about being close to closure, I think even better work will come when there is no need to build; only the choice and when Forge World eventually does Russ and the Vlka, boom!


    1. Thanks mate!! So good to get back into this. I have a dozen other Iron Thralls or Priests ready for more of these darker paint job to follow. I’m also tempted to build and paint one of the Mechanicus Robots tweaked into some sort of loader unit… But really I should get started on the Eldar… 😉


      1. Same problem here. The eldar sits on the table while I work on other things. But that’s actually not a problem at all…


  2. 30mm roaming Fenrisian weather! The Centurions are incredibly beautiful.

    I look forward to when FW releases Russ (probably one of the most anticipated Horus characters in the first place) and see him being brought to weatherbeaten life in your hands.

    Good to see Silas in a shot together with the Vlka too.

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