Getting in the mood to paint the dying

Going to start painting – a crazy scheme in mind so it might go horrible well or be something very impactful and beautiful – unlikely to be something kinda great in between though.

The Eldar race has always struck a chord with me. The concept of Wraithbone and the Path of the Warrior. The incredible art of fluid death in elegant and ethereal color. Sinister beauty and motion that the Games workshop artists have captured so stunningly. It has to be mentioned, that in direct contrast to the environmental crime that was the Dark Angels codex recently, the Harlequin Codex was best new art in years. Stunning pieces of dimension and speed.

Here’s a set of images to inform my painting.

6f57a7c581ae21f618e03219a9dc1a97 43569_c0b1bdce8649facc2d366b5037ca0588 dark_eldar_covens_by_agnidevi-d828cgg Dark_Reaper_7th_Ed Eldar_oscuros_infernales_en_aerodeslizadores harlcod3 Harlequins_vs._Forces_of_Chaos Succubi tumblr_nk34rzcrdI1sn3ne4o1_1280


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