Glam Rock Harlequin WIP #1

Eldar – Space Elves in tights and plain plastic-like power armours, shooting with weapons which look like drawn from a b-class 70’s sci-fi movie.

Eldar visual aesthetic and history have always fascinated. Their bond with the Slaanesh, probably my favourite Chaos god, play a big part in the realm of Warhammer 40k. It is the race that I’ve always felt that I should come to know a little better at some point. A great opportunity to do so came in the form of our little Eldar-in-a-month challenge.

I was eager to play my part in the challenge. My plan A was to kitbash a female Dark Eldar using FB Witch Elf as a base for the model. The idea felt good, but after putting all the pieces together with a blue-tac I was far from satisfied.

It didn’t make the things any easier after seeing all the wonderful outcomes made by my fellow Sleeters; Migs and Toni with their superb kit-bashed miniatures and Mikko with his damn good looking drawing of a Dark Eldar. I felt like I was cheating myself with my lousy letdown.

I put the  pathetic bungle back to the bits box  and went back to the drawing board, so to speak.  After a while I discovered my great plan B; an old school Eldar Harlequin.

I’ve always thought of collecting and painting a small band of old Jes Goodwin’s Eldars. Their 2D’ish shape along with the more static and harsh appearance really speaks to me. The old Harlequins in particularly have had a special space in my childhood memory, so it felt quite natural to pick up a small collection of those from the eBay for this task in hand. Here’s no other than the High Avatar primed and ready for some crazy freehanding to happen…




By the way, it’s the first time in ages I’ve used white primer…


14 thoughts on “Glam Rock Harlequin WIP #1

    1. Thanks FPOA! I feel young too. You should see my old 40k Compendium where I first saw these wachos. It’s full of childish “notes” and translations made by the 11-years-old Kari 🙂


  1. One of my favorite classic figures. I was actually looking over mine the other day, and thinking how ridiculous some of my paintjobs on the old Harlequins were – even by harlequin standards! Looking forward to seeing what you do with him.


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