Illuminati Humanitas – The Essence

Capturing humanity in service of the Ordos. I love this humble image in the middle of the night, of Corporal Cornelius getting paint. It shows something I’m capturing for the first time. Something so human about the models. Notice also the metal showing through! The gold in the interrogators jacket, silver sparkle on Cornelius. Notice how each model has such distinct shade. the interrogator of the glowing Hammer side of the Inquisitor and the humble guardsman in the shadow, gold vs. silver, reflective vs. shaded, yellows vs browns, hero and hero…

I’m also smiling at my friend Jakob, who so fittingly compared the joy of painting a model in one session to preparing a great dinner and then enjoying it. I won’t be finished tonight, but the meal will be memorable when it is.





18 thoughts on “Illuminati Humanitas – The Essence

      1. Cool! I wasn’t sure I understood correctly before – nice experiment! It’s an unusual but very effective look – I love it 🙂


  1. Great contrats indeed on those models. The reflections work extremely well. I am tempted to have a quick paint-feast on a bunch for Tyranids that I never got started on. Metallic base colour and lots of washes…

    Prepped for a “miniature meal” last week. A Shadow Seer. So I am actually ready for one of those sessions. 🙂

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  2. Cornelius is turning into one of my favorite models on Iron Sleet. There’s something very earnest about such a basic figure that emphasizes the everyday human’s struggle to live in the Hammerverse.

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      1. I’d really love to see a tutorial on faces sometime – painting faces is where all of my figures fall apart. Cornelius’s face is so realistic, I’m in awe.


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