Illuminati Terra – Everything you have been told is a lie!

Massive visions of Dystopian Glamour and the Holy Terra as an Inquisitorial battle front are bombarding my tormented soul.

Illuminati Aquila was always about taking the war back in the birth place and studying the most Ministorial, Cathedralistic, Ancient and powerful aspects of the Imperium and the Inquisition.

Right now on the work bench and in the brain cooker is a tracked manifestation of Inquisitorial judgement. A Forge World land train model gifted to me by a league of extraordinary gentlemen and a lady. I’m turning it into a fitting ride for the retinue. And have attached images I’m using as a reference and inspiration. The bust is an actual Verlinden model I ordered from eBay, depicting Lord Commander Solar Phillips, the mentor of Great Macharius. It will be integrated in to this mobile chapel of interrogation and doom.


It’s not going to stop there, is it, there are big plans for next summer… More of which as the story unfolds.


Imperial_Palace_Terra2master_of_the_angels_by_majesticchicken-d31ilp4warhammer-40000-art-d0bfd0b5d181d0bed187d0bdd0b8d186d0b0-imperium-322656IMG_0916young Macharius


4 thoughts on “Illuminati Terra – Everything you have been told is a lie!

  1. I am pretty excited to see were this goes! Those are some excellent pieces of artwork you are using as inspiration. I loved the Dark Angel’s halo of splintered wood with skulls and parchment nailed to it, and used it as a basis for a bunch of our Deathwing terminators in the past. I love how this new retinue is shaping up; the metallic base really creates something with a daunting, majestic feeling.

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    1. I adore your terminators. My Inquisitor has a similar set up. Wood with books, candles and skulls nailed to it 🙂 Dainton’s piece is my all time favorite marine vignette. What 40k is all about. Notice how in the cores version it looks almost as if the base was metallic and colored like say the interrogators jacket.


  2. I sometimes let my mind wander in the majestic halls of the Imperial Cathedralistic worlds and try to imagine the marvels the 40k architecture. It’s very weird experience and gives a good perspective to the small projects we create. The setting is big part of this meal. Funny thing is, a week ago I emailed a link to our blog to my fellow design students and they totally got the idea of the story side of what we’re doing. That’s something very rare when I talk to someone who has no idea of this hobby. Hmm… I might need to write a “musings” post regarding this matter.

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  3. I can not wait for the first wips surfacing of their transport. Please be quick!
    I was at Tate Britain yesterday just imagining space marines walking through the grand halls. V&A is much the same..


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