Adepta Sororitas Inspiration

Here’s a wonderful piece of art I happened to stumble on Facebook this evening. It’s Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and the Lady Anne, painted by Edwin Austin Abbey in 1896.

The first thing that came into my mind were the Sisters of Battle – and how damn good looking diorama or vignette this set-up would look in 40k setting. Maybe this will  be my next grand INQ28 project…

Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and the Lady Anne, 1896 - Edwin Austin Abbey
Richard, Duke of Gloucester, and the Lady Anne, 1896 Oil on canvas 133.7 x 265.1cm (52 5/8 x 104 3/8in.) Yale University Art Gallery

3 thoughts on “Adepta Sororitas Inspiration

  1. If you’re interested in some convertible sister models I made molds and cast them in resin. They are the same quality model wise but are infinitely easier to work with. I’ve been able to do full weapon swaps, make custom retributors and celestians, and make cool icon bearing models for to carry simulacra and relics.

    I have a ton cast up if you’d like to check them out. I can show you pics of them too.


  2. A procession of the feast of the martyrdom of Primarch Sanquinious, with marching frater militous in mourning garb, accompanied by the Canoness Anne, and her equerry the red man.

    yes, yes, I can certainly see this. The bretonnian mounted witch as a source for the main body of the Sister, a skaven body for Richard, the Empire general head for the fop, and you are half the way there. (albeit the easy half!)


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