The Pilgrym :: Imettäjä — Inked


The drawing of Imettäjä is one step closer to being finished. I inked her and also rendered a detailed background for her to bring some life to her surroundings. The next step is to paint her with acrylics and inks.

My plan is to make an art piece such like this for every character in my Pilgrym-posse. An ambitious vision, but manageable, I think.


48 thoughts on “The Pilgrym :: Imettäjä — Inked

    1. My guess is we are just trying to keep up with the brilliant idea we’ve build around this grand journey – The ambitious task to visualize the Terra in all its glory and filth, in a nut shell.


  1. By the Emperor that is glorius!

    I don`t think I´ve seen anyone capture the spirit of a Blanche drawing better than this (except for the Elder One himself…).

    Good show, sir!


  2. Brilliant! I would buy a book of drawings of characters like these. Luv to see all you guys put all your ideas, drawings and models in a book! Be a fantastic experience for the reader!

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  3. A great idea to have accompanying artwork, and a fantastic piece of art it is too. Can’t wait to see the figure.

    What would be interesting at the end of the whole project, is to compile not only the documentation of the actual game and narratives, but also everyone’s supplemental materials, sketches, photos, and WIP-notes into some kind of compendium that shows the entire process from start to finish. Sort of a masterclass supplement on how to do narratively structured games of this sort, whether in, or out, of the Inquisiverse.


    1. Thanks Odie! In the end this blog should become one such thing you just described; a place that will hold all those things you mentioned, in one place, to study and get inspiration. But the journey there is the prize, because you’ll be able to follow things forming up relatively real-time.


    1. Thank you very much, Migs! It’s painstakingly slow to build each character this way, from the idea to the drawing, building the miniature based on the art and finally painting the piece with patience and relish. Takes ages to finish one miniature, but like with my Inquisitor posse, I find it very satisfying and inspiring path to take.

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  4. Fantastic looking piece of art; it is oozing with personality! I love your idea to create a new piece of art for each of character in your work for the Pilgrym project. Eagerly awaiting any new progress!


  5. Fantastic vision Kari.
    What I really like about the portrait is that is looks as it you have been quite realistic in regards to making the model – the details, the pose the masses – all looks like it could very well be turned into a miniature. Quite the concept drawing – using BOTH imagery and bits knowledge. And at the same time you put her into a epic scale landscape that suggests a bigger scheme and background. Really excited about this character.


    1. Thank you, JRN! Like in my previous “concept art -> miniature” projects, the final miniature may be tied to the concept very loosely. But basically my aim is to get as close as possible to the idea I’ve first had, in both the concept and the miniature. The most of the bits should be out there – and if they ain’t, I have to sculpt them…


  6. Fantastic!..
    I highly like it! The idea is brilliant, and the drawing is so evocative. I find the sense of wonder i had while first discovering the illustrations of the rule books.. Thank you!


  7. This will be a treat to see unfold Kari!

    Good to see all the different mediums and artforms from the Spiky Rat Pack days appear here too. Bringing your ideas to life through a combination of drawing, building, painting and writing is quite extraordinary…

    …and Imettäjä is fittingly disturbing 🙂


  8. This is just keeps getting better and better, I’am really looking forward to see the painted and the miniature version. The surroundings You have created fit very well.


  9. Wow this is stunning. I’m going to vote a +1 on the idea of a book at the end of the Terran journey you guys have embarked upon. Such detail and depth of vision. I am sitting looking through this blog just so inspired.


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