The Pilgrym – a tale of collaboration

Today I wanted to share something that hopefully begins to capture the spirit of this endeavor. I think part of you got it already, that we are co-creating and amazing story together, that we design things together, that our work influences each other. That really we have a few directors and a group of amazing actors coming together to create something magical.

I think this is a solitary hobby and people tend to work alone and want to own their own ideas 100% and it’s a logical symptom to be be “mulling over alone” when you can be brainstorming together. Most online joint ventures are nothing but a topic and everyone working on their own. We’ve needed to inspire our friends too, to collaborate.

This collaboration and brainstorm is currently happening in sub groups and it’s pretty glorious. Take Tear of Envy’s comment about Emperor as the green man as one example and how FPOA is running with it. And how he is working with JRN on a set of models, and how I am building them a green house just because of their subject matter and even making a few “botanists” to over see it…The Crazy danes are thinking of playing some games before the main event to build their character’s history and stories en route to terra.

Kari is building a noble family on its way to the Chapel with their new born.He has decided to do original art for each before building and has been open for our ideas about characters to fit the narrative. This is why I built the very High Cardinal, and his retinue, descending down the stairs to personally greet the incredibly powerful Nobilitae Assembly.

And this approach will create something stunning.

Sub groups are great because they are a good size to work creatively, 3 or 4 or so and because different factions have their own very secret agendas. So the directive has been, stop mulling and share what you are thinking with PDH, Thistle and me, and we will turn it into a joyful collaboration that creates parts that go together far better than their sums in isolation.

Some people have so gloriously joined in and sent us their labour of love and ideas that they have been duly invited to join. I hope this was a helpful quick little post, I know for some of you this might be too intense, too collaborative etc. but give it a try and you may end up really loving it.

I’ll leave you with the news that the Ghost Legion has made planetfall and is entering the target area for intelligence (and narrating). Seen here racing through the docks (Beautiful, beautiful terrain, built by Shibboleth of Ammo Bunker)



14 thoughts on “The Pilgrym – a tale of collaboration

  1. The best place is right here!! And I warmly welcome anyone who wants to contribute a Pilgrym or Two for this gigantic hobby celebration. We have agreed all Pilgrims outside of Nobility or factions in the game, will be dressed in black or white depending on the motive of their pilgrimage. In the perfect world we would just invite everyone to game too, but realistically we already have way too many factions and are struggling to consolidate for an amazing, coherent narrative and realistic logistics. 🙂


  2. I’d love to contribute in one way or another to this project. I’m not that much of a modeler/painter, but I can contribute in the brainstorming, going through the existing background material, write/translate, and do some 3d modeling stuff if needed. 🙂

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    1. Hi Malika! Good to hear from you. We will keep you posted. The table currently looks so expensive to foam cut from 3D that I may have to go back to building everything except the stairs by hand from scratch and kits.


      1. It’s a shame we live on two different continents, the warehouse where my gf has her design studio is armed with a CNC machine and laser cutter which you could probably have used for a decent price. Besides that, I also know another studio here in Rotterdam that are doing some kick ass stuff with their laser cutter. Hmm, which makes me think, maybe not a bad idea to compare prices (include postage costs).

        But yeah, the tech does tend to be expensive, I’m running into similar obstacles when designing bits and miniatures in 3D. Getting decent prints that could function as masters for casting gets quite pricy if you don’t want those nasty print lines.

        Regarding the background, I still have an extensive collection of old GW books (from old WD’s to rulebooks etc), could try to compile a sort of ‘database’ on official material about Terra if needed. From what I found online so far this might be handy, all taken from The First Expedition:

        Locations on Terra:
        Pre-Unity Terra:
        Sol System:


  3. This is like a band!

    I have just been building models for the past 2 hours while shooting emails back and forth to my team mates.
    True collaboration and inspirational writing forming the foundation for a grand hobby experience… The big climax will obviously be the Pilgrym end game, but from the start of the project the hobby has become more social to me. Thinking about other people’s projects, bounding ideas back and forth on email or text message. And exploring, innovating and just going with the flow of correspondance to form grand concepts and awsome models.

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