A month in – New blogs on a Pilgrimage!

It was a ming boggling first month of Pilgrym. Our crazy plans and models and art have generated a lot of energy, traffic and commentary and nothing makes as happy as seeing all of your reaction to it.

We plan to ramp up the breath and depth of this collaborative engine as more and more people come online with their plans and each of dwells deeper to Terra. Iron Sleet has a brand new look and Thistle is rendering amazing art at an incredible rate.

The latest in line of good news is a new blog from Marcus, called Marcominius that you should definitely check out!



11 thoughts on “A month in – New blogs on a Pilgrimage!

  1. WOAH!
    I feel so incredible honoured to be featured here.
    (But I also feel that picture is dragging down the sacred standard of this site.)
    hopefully when I’ve painted up a few of my dudes, I’ll have some more worthy photos to show.
    Thank you for all of this, you guys are truly a sanctified pillar in this community!

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  2. I spent a little time studying the miniature WIPs — they are excellent.

    The heade-hunter is a fascinating mix of the mediaeval — chain mail. leg armour and technology — gas mask, chest-mounted breather…. some sort of Ecclesiarchical hunter dispatched to end the life of a heretic (with the heade as proof, for the war for souls cannot allow the chance of a heretic’s survival).

    The first priest (I call him Frater [brother] Agitator, a real title) looks to me like he’s leading an especially penitential group of pilgrymmes – the spiked staff and the winged skull of the Emperor in Death, rather than the aquila, seem intended to provoke reflection on what the Emperor suffered and so contrition (much like Catholic meditations on the crucifix and particularly the bloody crucifixes, the image of Christ as Vir Dolorum). The bionic arm ending in an electric goad would be, I think, used to spur the penitents on to expiate their crimes by crawling bloody-kneed along the roads to Terra, kicked and beaten as punishment for their sins.

    The Astartes is, I’m delighted to see, properly done. I personally strongly dislike the Games Workshop Space Marine models, they are far from sufficiently imposing in my mind, the Marine conversions here are how they ought to look and indeed as Mr Blanche draws them, rare, terrible and splendid, the Angels of Death, the god-warriors and proud sons of a God on Terra, dwarfing mortal man in size, power and devotion. They must seem like living saints to the ordinary citizens of the Imperium, great heroes of the Crusades, statues in the churches, illustrations in sermons come to life, if The armour, baroque-Gothic, is just as it should be, he has a strong air of menace, he is standing on a broken foe, but also of devotion (is he slightly stooped in prayer?, also the chest-reliquary and waist-reliquary, as well as the scroll at his belt — this is an holy warrior.) from the banner. I am a bit perplexed by the mutated hand — I should not think a tainted Astartes would be permitted to survive, least of all with priests around him.

    The second priest is another excellent conversion. With the Inquisition ‘I’ branded on his head and a painfully drawn expression, I imagine him as a thorough-going ascetic. The augmetics look very painful… Overall the miniature again shows the fusing of machine and flesh that seems to characterise all Terra in imitation of its master. The scrolls at the waist in their cases and the key suggests a more scholarly priest, with the head bent to scrutinise a piece of parchment and the pointing arm almost suggesting a guide of some sort, or a man taking a roll-call – now I imagine him as an Astra Telepathica official come to receive an incoming Black Ship and checking the precious cargo has not been tampered with… literally branded with the Emperor’s Sanction.

    The assassin or sniper again strikes the strange, Gothic, Blanchean note perfectly, with thigh-height Gothic top-boots and a rifle that echoes some an arquebus contrasting with the revolver cylinder, the technological parts and the lenses and tubes of the head. The stooping pose is excellent.

    Excellent work.

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    1. ”Gothic” top-boots is a mistake, it should read ”mediaeval”, though late mediaeval Apparently over-the-knee boots or cuissards came in as riding boots in the 15th century.


    2. Fantastic analysis Gray!
      Much of it differs from my personal thoughts arounde these guys.
      But that’s great! That is were “art” happens. In the absolutely personal conversation between, in this instance, a few sculptures and an observer.

      about the astarte’s hand. It’s actually a chaos terminator fist, no mutation going on it just looks very baroque.

      “now I imagine him as an Astra Telepathica official come to receive an incoming Black Ship and checking the precious cargo has not been tampered with”
      now this I love! My first idea for this man was that he is some kind of Imperial Architect, overseeing the construction of a mausoleum or similar


      1. Thank you — I looked up the fist and I see now — very suitable.
        Thank you. Everything I write is merely an interpretation as you say but I am very grateful it was well received, particularly the Black Ship idea. Excellent work. The painting is excellent too.


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