The Wulfen of Fenrys Rrrrrroar!

Oh Hjolda! The curse is strong. It’s in my pulse, the beat of thunder and taste of blood.

The amazing Pilgrimage to the birth place is going well. I’ve been blown away with everyone’s work and enjoyed building my own so thoroughly. I’m almost done with the dozen or so new models that I wanted to add to Illuminati Aquila as my Pilgrym contribution and I’m ready to move on to the main effort, the table and the icing, a few crazy vehicles I’ve been building.

But then this happens.


And even if I am not 100% sold on the new models, the bits are great and the rules look super fun and I’m still actively dreaming of one day actually playing Warhammer 40000 again.

Now all I can think of is converting and building more wolfed to join my Vlka Fenryka.

The new books leave me both hopeful and shocked. There is incredible new art in there, one shown below as a B&W edit which I wish we had more – but there is also terrible art in there, Codex Dark Angels bad levels, too bad to show here. Why a company of such talent, great product and people would pay money to disrespect their own worlds so make me sad and confused? Bt lets try to focus on the positive.


So great new conversion fodder, neat new book, great fun rules on my favorite Sky Warriors of Fenrys at the worst possible time. Can I take a month to build and paint a wicked group, or some how hold back the curse? Because honestly, that Pilgrym table is going to be an eternal project…

I’ve been looking at my rout, and they have such raw power. I’ve already built some wolfed that now have rules. Some equipment needs to change, but that’ll be quick and I really want to add more.

Fenrys Hjolda!



10 thoughts on “The Wulfen of Fenrys Rrrrrroar!

  1. It strikes me as interesting that on one hand you have the cold and calculating Alpha Legion (who embody those qualities more?) and then on the other hand you have the warm, impulsive (but still oh so dangerous) and wild Vlka. Fascinating 🙂

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    1. I like extremes. Special purpose tools. Both Legions were created by the emperor as insurance and outside the creation of all other astartes (together with salamanders). The Wolves are his Executioners. Both legions were also lucky to get the Abnett treatment that rendered so much fresh, deep, raw, original 40Kness around them. So there are way more similarities to them than meets the eye – just the opposites of a spectrum, but otherwise the same. Hydra Dominatus! Fenrys Hjolda!

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  2. No surprise here mate!

    You are cursed by the Wulfen. Have a foot in two worlds. This world. And the world of raw ferocity, blood rage and moon howling. From Vlka Fenryka and onwards this curse will haunt you like a ghost…

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  3. I’ll admit that what excited me the most when seeing the new releases was how you were going to incorporate the new bits into your pack. I love your vision for this project.

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  4. “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man”…

    Don’t analyse or second guess the call of the Wulfen Migs, just react and deal 🙂

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  5. I went into a store late last year to look at aos. Amazing models. The pushy sales guy was trying to sell me a box but I wasn’t biting, I said I just wanted to look at the pics in the book. So then he tries to sell me the art book. Well seriously, who wants one of those now? I have things like inquisitorial sketch book, gothetic and the Eldrich, emperors might etc. Amazing art books that for me are what gw is all about. A unique world. The new art is like pop art. Computer game art. Everything I have already seen many times before, nothing new. A massive step backwards. I know people love the new codex books, but for me no. Yes they are great books, full colour etc, but 2nd edition codex book honestly felt like you were buying a bible. So much love, back story, epic artwork even if it was bnw. Even the cover looked like months of work. Now they all feel so generic. I can go see all the pics from the book on the website, the fluff is very soft, even the amount of options you can build for your army is so much more limited. Yes there are some impovements, it’s not all bad, but it’s the IP that sells gw models, it’s why hh has done so well. That amazing back story which grew and grew and the second people had a chance to explore that story with models, boom! Reminds me of Prometheus film. Ridley fought so hard to get that space jockey in the film and the short and medium sighted people couldn’t understand why spend so much money on something that didn’t directly effect the film. However the space jockey did the opposite. It set alien up as a film bigger than just its beginning middle and end. It asked questions. Gws old fluff, artwork, codex etc did this. They asked questions. They showed you things the models couldn’t and that made you delve deeper. Look at this blog for a great example. Gws decisions for only full colour artwork of models you can buy is a terrible, short sighted hinderence to the talent they have working there and the opportunities their IPs have within them.
    Apologies for the rant, great work as always. Keep it up guys 🙂

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  6. And even those older and original pieces In many ways do not delve deep enough – I’d like to do it all over again and go so much deeper but that tyme is over but laid the foundation for a whole sense of being in the 41 st millennium – we never realised that such an impact would be felt and shared bi so many – just buy models and live it thru them ……

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  7. I look forward to seeing what you do with the new material, and if you create more models! I was excited for the art in the book when I saw the piece above by the Korean artist Won Chun Choi. But sadly there is a lot of pretty bad art in there, similar to the Dark Angels book… Something needs to change…


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