The Pilgrym – Halfway to Divinity

Grab a seat, secure a good network connection, and enjoy this image heavy post.

Terra Dominatus!

The beginning, the home world, a temple the size of a planet.

Billions of Pilgrims live in endless queues, waiting to worship, billions more toil endlessly to keep the grinding Administratum functioning. Nothing is left of Terra’s former natural glory, the seas boiled away many millennia ago and the soil is utterly barren. Some in the Terran Mechanicus think of wood as a Xenos life form. Every square meter of the planets surface is Incredibly layered through endless growth of it’s population and built habitat. Ancient cultures and civilizations live in its labyrinth catacombs, locked in levels miles beneath sun light and in history. The noble houses soar to the skies atop the massive hive spires. These giant towers cover all of Terra apart from the Himalayans and the chamber of Astronomican carved in to it.

Terra is the heart of the imperium, the beacon of light for all of mankind. Its epicenter the Imperial Palace is an endless, black hive of forbidden technology and subterranean passages delving deep within the bowels of the planet. Deep inside resides the god Emperor, a carcass of untold power. He sits on the Golden Throne, an ancient miracle without which the Imperium of man would collapse. But time is running out.

As the light of the Astronomican grows dimmer, Techpriests discover irreparable failures in the Golden Throne,. Desperate, the Tech-Priests and Radical Inquisitors journey into the Webway and strike a dark bargain. A secret war for the fate of all humanity rages. Forces of evil and good alike hunt for a mysterious pilgrim. The Pilgrym.


January 1st this year Migs, PDH, and Thistle announced their plan to organize an insane +I+munda game set on Terra. The plan was to push beyond the obvious, to let each person explore the deepest boundaries of their imagination and have a ton of fun.

Today we’re taking stock of what has transpired since, and where this madness is leading. This is the place where you can get an overview of the project. For more detail, explore the pilgrym category.


Herodd’s boysFullSizeRender-4

Bunch o pilgryms of divers sorttes …FullSizeRender-3

The walking templumme and fanatical honour guard of arco evisorators …..FullSizeRender-2


The Lost Mechanicum: Arch Magos Biologis Sverre Arrheniusse, Gene-Extractor Hyle and Svante Ambrosius with the ancient and sacred tree shrine Huathe on his back (which is fuelling his venomous Thorn Cannon)001_LOST_MECHANICUM_2016_05_08 copy

Crataegus Archeotec: Five Thorn Guards002_CRATAEGUS_ARCHEOTEC_2016_05_08 copy

The Humans: Haggwers trusted henchmen Bio-Explorer Mourits Espeløv and Seed Vault Librarian Cornelius Linnæus XIIth003_THE_HUMANS_2016_05_08

Lost Mechanicum Group Shot004_LOST_MECHANICUM_group_shot_2016_05_08



Originally thousands of pilgrims disembarked upon the holy soil of Terra, devotees from the pilgrym vessel “The Emperor’s Burden.” For years and hundreds of leagues these men have travelled to pay respect to the Emperor and the Imperium. For Millennia man has seen malevolence, heard the sounds of wickedness and spoken of vile corruptions. These penitents wish to take on this burden for all mankind and prostate themselves before the Golden Throne and have these sins removed to redeem humanity.

Now upon the Daylight Wall these are the final Pilgrym’s of “The Emperor’s Burden”. Their ranks picked clean by famine, disease and most recently and harshly the Officio Sancti Exanimus. These worn men are nearly at the end of their trek to public gates of the Throne Room; still they carry their most precious relics and redemption is in sight. Though with dwindling numbers them completing this undertaking is getting more perilous.

Pilgrims - BW


Alpharius & Sgt Jargassor – Ghost Legion
The Architect, Disciple Omnissiah and his equipment – Ghost Legion


Legionaries and Ghosts – Ghost Legion


Pontifex Maximus, High Cardinal Philippus “the Ageless” – Bishop Restorze and Curze Guard


Centurion Grigor – Sentinels of Terra, paying a visit to the Daylight Wall memorial


Brothers Wier

Since its foundation (745.M41), the Church of the Red Athenæum has never mobilized as it is now, with the 41st millennium coming to a close. The entire congregation, from its most humble to its most venerable, is spilling from the Red Basilica, ready to spill the blood of the Pilgrym, freeing the Emperor’s Soul. Some of its members may have the Holy Ordo’s interests at heart, however…

Painted group-1The Church-1Unpainted group


Instead of background story here, I decided to pull one of Kari’s comment from previous threads, just read it and look at the pictures! -Toni

“Terra as a subject raises the bar of designing strong and believable characters for 40k universe, since its just not another distant Hive world with its punks and gangs. Its freaking TERRA, the birthplace of man, the grave of the Emperor, the beginning and the end, the throne world, something you’d think is impossible to pull out of your head and make a visual representation of it…”




Quartermaster Clavius and Wing Commander Eliakim from the black aarke crew plus the questing knight pilgrym. image1-2

Veteran pilgrym ready for the paintbrush and the staturesque Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros himself in a conceptual bluetacked state.image3


Primus dissector Dorlov and Exanimus chem-draugs

Men of Requis IIimage1

That’s going to take a while to process…

Besides what you see here, there’s been massively cool contributions all around. Most factions also have some aces up their sleeves which aren’t available to view yet. And of course there’s the table, Terra itself, in the works.

Just a few of the cool things to check out, sorry to not have bookmarked more:
Nestorian infestation
Our Instagram

If you have a Pilgrym related project in the works, tell us in the comments and I’ll edit it into the post.


17 thoughts on “The Pilgrym – Halfway to Divinity

  1. What an impressive and inspiring array of models, and an even more inspiring idea. Well done to everyone who’s been involved in this – and of course looking forward to seeing the table of Terra itself. Taking on Terra was always going to be a bold move, it’s too big, too impressive, too iconic and too firmly rooted in the imaginations of every 40k fan to be tackled lightly – yet you’ve all risen to it with aplomb.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I still don’t know what to say.. Maybe the way we publish the final imagery is a little bit at a time. Because even here, in black and white, there’s too much to handle!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m not even sure where to start! There’s so much new and original content it’s hard to comment on it all. This is a beautiful undertaking and it’s brilliant to see so many talented artists tackle the decaying splendor of Terra. Seeing the quality of the miniatures (even in black and white) I can’t wait to see the completed table.
    And you’ve got my engines fired up again, I think I’ll be making another Pilgrym inspired model soon.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. It’s quite spectacular really.

    It feels like a real game. Imagine there was an official product called Pilgrym and ours were the models featured in the rule book Inquisitor style. Wouldn’t that be absolutely stunning – and it is not an official product, but an idea and a bunch of crazy hobbyists.

    Regarding my own models, looking back, I don’t understand how I finished all these models, and looking forward I don’t understand how I will finish the Cathedral. LOL!


    1. The product metaphor is great. I really look forward to seeing all the post-game pictures of the whole event! And the catherdral!


  5. Amazing, seeing everyone’s contributions is just awesome. Hat goes off to everyone involved. I’ve been in a bit of a grind getting some rank and file 30k stuff done but this is just too inspiring to ignore. Someone hand me a modelling file and some glue, stat!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. Amazing stuff all around! Way too many wonderful models to know where to begin commenting.

    So I’ll just mention some of the not-previously-posted WIP stuff that particularly strikes me. I love Johan’s new WIP inquisitor. Such a seemingly simple combination of parts but such a solid, powerful, and striking character already. And Kari’s hunched gunmen are wonderful and should contrast nicely with his towering characters. Those empire gunmen bodies make for great henchmen.

    It’s also nice seeing everybody’s warbands all in one post. Can’t wait to see the terrain!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi there
    Such amazingand cool models!
    And what a bold move to take on Terra itself 🙂

    You’ve sort of inspired me to make a fiew Pilgrym related projects myself.
    Here’s Brother of the Faith Reverend Azkaelon Redemptionist Preacher of the Appocalypse and his congregation of the pure and innocent, he has to go on a pilgrimmage to holy Terra to prove the sincerity of his faith…
    And there’s Sigma11101 a missionary of the cult mechanicus who has lost contact with Mars and needs to petition the administratum itself on Terra to get back in the fold…
    Both warbands and their stories are works in progress and still growing 🙂


  8. Looking forward to further instalments and seeing where you all go with the Terrain. Keep up the good work!


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