Communique #002

*** running clearance protocols ***
*** clearance level surpassed ***
*** running decryption protocols ****
*** decryption in process ***
*** running ***
*** data reconfiguration ***
*** running ***
*** slaved task complete:

+++ Datum 0551016M42
+++ Encryption Cerulean – point to point transcript

Inquisitor Lazaros, as planned food riots are now in progress but I will be unable to join you on the Templum stairs. Precinct 860 have summoned all available Arbites back to their precinct houses, for redeployment away from Lucem Murus Templum. Agitator Gedolf has surpassed his judicious remit and I am now trapped within Section Delta7-15, defending myself from the multitudes.

I entrust our mission to you; get the Pilgrym, for he is the saviour, its identity is still hidden from the tarot.

Rendezvous location 77tetra 0052016M42

Inquisitor Kovettell

+++ End of transmission


3 thoughts on “Communique #002

  1. +++++Transmitted: Astropath Sigun / / Black Aarke Garm’s Maw
    +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Datum 0551016M42
    ++++++++++++++++++++Ref: OrdoOpscuros/454228890/Hv
    +++++++++++++++++++++Author: Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros.

    Priority Grade: Alpha-Omega

    Message recieved. En route to Holy Terra.
    Expected planetfall in 27 days, provided the empyrean stays calm.

    The Pilgrym will soon be in our custody.

    May the Emperor have mercy on my soul for what I consider to bring about.


    +message ends++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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  2. i await your presence – i guard the roads – do not forget your letter of marque – no sign of unnormal psykic activity but unrest and rumours abound in the pilgrymme multitudes ….


  3. Astropathic trace analytics enacted… the noosphere is alive; bio-mechanicus tech heresy at the very heart of our Lord’s domain… these are indeed the end times.


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