Edouard Mrytel

PDH brings us yet another signature piece; simple and effective.

Research Assistant Edouard Mrytel

Beneath the gilded corridors of the Imperial Palace; far below its finery and resplendence. Below the most opulently dressed noble house. Beneath the Halls of the Navis Nobilite. Below the Mountain of the Astromican. Far lower than the mouldering layers of industry. Lower than the Administratum scribe halls. Below rusted ferrocrete, Beneath corroded plascrete. Below piles of adimantium buried many kilometres deep. Under all that is the Imperium of man lies the eternal darkness of Terra, ancient earth, forgotten secrets, knowledge hidden before the Emperor of Mankind walked amongst us. It is the duty of the Ordo Scriptorum to find this history of man. It is their duty to hide it from mankind or share its burden upon most learned souls. To find lost histories and punish those who failed, even if they are ignorant of the fact.

When you delve into darkness you are in need of an unrivalled guide. You need a skilled navigator of old, lost pastways, routes that will support you or to lead you from routes of peril and collapse. Research Assistants of the Ordo Scriptorum are often bootleggers, bandits or outcasts. The only skill required of them is the natural talent of forging and locating byways within the mantle of Terra. They will lead the curious through vast caverns of ancient technology or through crawl spaces so tight they look impossible to traverse. Research Assistants will find bibliocathedra, bureauvaults and data stacks lost for millennia, so the Inquisition can complete its knowledge and proportionate blame. These vast stores of information are wasted on the finders; for most Research Assistants can barely read basic gothic and this is what keeps them safe from their masters.

Edouard Mrytel is such a man, an expert at finding the right path. This day he chose to cross The Daylight Wall.


18 thoughts on “Edouard Mrytel

  1. Wow, I love the background you created! I think it even outshines the fantastic model! It reminds me a lot of A Roadside Picnic/Stalker. A skilled stalker leading people into the Zone, littered with seemingly innocuous relics of the past, that harbor dark secrets.


    1. Thanks Eric. The idea for the mini came first as I wanted a pot holing/spelunking guide. I then wrote the background before the mini even came out of my bits box. Just wikied Roadside Picnic and it really does fit the mood.


      1. It is always great to hear the inspiration behind a model! I would strongly suggest you read Roadside Picnic, or watch the movie Stalker, some excellent Russian science fiction!


    1. Vader in disguise! The whole group with the exception of the Inquistor are all relaxed. There background is simply heading back from an exploration of the depth. The Inquisitor is a precog so he feels the force and has drawn his pistol and is looking for a disturbance.


  2. Really grim backstory that ties in with the simple and effective conversion. I love all the bits on his back and you really changed the look of the skitarii head with your paintjob. Great work.

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    1. I’m so happy with the head. I originally painted it black but it just disappeared, so I repainted it in this off white colour. Other than the battle damage my favourite bit is the back of the head painted like a bald head.


  3. What a great read PDH! This grounds him very well in the depths of Terra…love it. ‘Old, lost pastways’…beautiful.

    Eduard is a great example of your kitbashing skills…ace!


  4. Ace model, dirty, grim and appears effortless. Also agree with the above, ace narrative with the model bud.


      1. I’ve not tried weathering and scratching up models yet but I can see how a photograph could flatten the impact of all that work. Still, the model looks ace.


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