Terra Dominus – Pilgrym Gloria

Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.

– Saint Augustine


Remember this humble beginning ? Just a few weeks from the actual game now, and what incredible journey it has been. Soon our heroes and traitors descend on the birth world and unleash secret war for the fate of man.

This weekend I finally finished the Cathedral, pictures of which to be shared in glorious battle report pictures later. This year’s effort has left me completely drained, but a little reward, some closure remained.

So today I went back to the beginning, and painted the first model I built for this insanity, when the idea was but a fragile whisper. Of Incredible adventure, exquisite models, and vastness of Terra. There was a special treat from PDH, one of his elegantly converted captured Pilgrims as a special treat. A fitting finale for my prep for this collaborative adventure.

Meet Inquisitor Sigríður of Ordo Heretics; Séamas , Twist Heavy and the Pilgrym.


Or if you prefer,

Version 2



15 thoughts on “Terra Dominus – Pilgrym Gloria

    1. I have happily abdicated and the crown is on a boat on it’s way to California. I don’t think anyone could match Migs current frantic speed… Three new characters after just finishing the daylight wall? Amazing!

      And it’s a really great looking group as well – the inquisitrix especially. Her face is great – beautiful and scary at the same time.

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  1. Another fantastic group of models. I think we have long since run out of superlatives for this project. I’m excited for all of you that you will finally get to bring it all together. The word ‘game’ seems a bit incongruous, a massive understatement. ‘Art installation’ sounds more appropriate. And yet, the word ‘installation’ suggests something way too static. One of the things that has been really inspiring is the way that this fantastic world has been truly brought alive by not just the miniatures but the accompanying words and the developing narrative. This hobby is quite special I think, the closest thing I can think of in the creative world is improv theatre, but where the players get to make the sets and costumes as well as play the parts! Now I’m sure that all these models will end up in Visions at some point or other, but what I’m really hoping for is a record of the event itself – the pictures from the Yggdrasilium/Arrke event are still so inspirational!!

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    1. I wish Neil101 had able to be involved in this project. The ark ygg has been the highlight of my gaming life thus far.

      I am sure there will be plenty of pictures taken. But with 12 players plus loads of npcs I am dreading keeping the momentum going.
      Be prepared for random activation..to keep you awake.


  2. Like many others I’m running out of words with which to praise this endeavour! I remember being glued to the Arkke event, and still look back through pictures of it for inspiration. As then I find myself wondering how this can be matched. Those of us in the crowd can only salute your heroic efforts. Thanks again for all the inspiration this has provided me. Eye of Terror for the sequel?

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  3. Fantastic little group. The inquisitor is lovely but I really love the twist, a great conversion and I love the paint job, the skin is just amazing.

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  4. They’ve arrived! Was afraid if we get to see them at all with that behemoth of a board being in the works too… Very impressive. Lovely cold scheme and most realistic blood I’ve ever seen. The twist is still my favorite though!

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  5. Thanks guys 🙂 No words for how unreal it will see all the work in one places, well over a hundred incredible miniatures… and plenty of surprises too, models and machinery you haven’t seen yet for impact 🙂


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